Weekend Degen Report - Issue #21

New number, who dis?

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Degen Report.

What to expect: 700 words a 4-minute read.

TLDR: New name for newsletter, launched premium. Shopify doubles down on crypto with new features. Someone robbed an Xcopy piece.

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Creative Corner

Sup yall. Finally coming out the other side of this sleep deprivation. After some reflecting, I decided to rename this newsletter to Weekend Degen Report, which is more straightforward than trying to explain wtf a pintxo is haha. Pintxos will continue living through youtube shorts and other smaller bite size mediums but for now this name seems easier to digest.

If you are a collector of my work and in my Discord server, make sure to verify your assets, i’ll be doing most giveaways to collectors and subscribers of this newsletter moving forward. Also join the server to get in on our bi-weekly photography challenges.


As I come out the other side from my sleepless nights, I look forward to providing you some brain gains. For now enjoy some of the knowledge sharing from seattledog as he gives some great insight on branding and other helpful bits of information.

Twitter avatar for @seattledog0603

seattledog @seattledog0603

Brand Development Part 12: Logo variations Once you’re comfortable with your logo, play around & make different versions. Try colorways (next tweet), or pixel versions. These are pretty easy: change image resolution & play around. Keep things recognizable though.

1:30 PM ∙ Mar 23, 2023


NFT Space

Shopify has been recently on a tear with their crypto exploration. From using tokenproof to acquire the new Mcbess print from his recent OE to this banger of a news where you can sign in with your Eth address and most likely continue the tokengating at scale to bridge the gap between physical merch and your nft world.

Twitter avatar for @Kevforking

5159.eth | King.email.eth @Kevforking

Shopify integrating @signinwitheth is the biggest ENS news of the year! This has potential to be massive 🤯


5:20 PM ∙ Feb 10, 2023


On friend news side, hiimdave dropped this dope book that goes into heavy detail on grifters, the story, the traits and more. Early reviews say it is epic and I look forward to scooping one up and sharing an a quick unboxing video.

Twitter avatar for @Hiim_Dave

HiimDave @Hiim_Dave

gm | It's here... Proud to announce that the Grifters coffee table book "Grifters: A Collection by XCOPY" is now available! 🛒 Buy in ETH or USD ⚖️ 50% of all profits will go to @XCOPYART's Grifter Fund. 🍻 Like or RT for visibility 🍻 🔗Link in reply Hope you enjoy!


3:45 PM ∙ Mar 23, 2023


Notable Sales

Although not the largest sales this past week there was some interesting sales this past week. Most notable are coming from the xcopy side from this PixelChain which is grail level, congrats to Piemonte on acquiring this. Onchain art fucks hard.

Twitter avatar for @xcopybot

🤖 @xcopybot

XCOPY 03 sold for 48.0Ξ opensea.io/assets/ethereu…

4:30 AM ∙ Mar 31, 2023


Another epic sale, and completely jealous this person made out like a bandit but good game. Was this sale of a Bangers And Crash, congrats to Boring Vault.

Twitter avatar for @xcopybot

🤖 @xcopybot

BANGERS AND CRASH sold for 12.5Ξ opensea.io/assets/ethereu…


8:35 PM ∙ Mar 28, 2023


Lastly, say what you will about BTC Ordinals and DeGods but with the rapid acceleration on the development side from Bitcoin Devs, DeGods are flying in BTC land. With DeGods migrating to Eth this past week, it will be interesting to see how DeGods performs on Eth and overall how these BTC ordinals will stand the test of time.

Twitter avatar for @massimodegods

Massimo III @massimodegods

@BTC_DeGods Weekly Recap.🟧 213 sales / 129.4 $BTC / $3,584,380 🧵


9:09 AM ∙ Mar 26, 2023



As some of you may know, I used to be a big BTCMaxi so ordinals and that whole scene is exciting to me from a technology perspective and with it being onchain, bonus points on working with limitations. Thank you to Macvynls for the heads up on this one. CFW has created a project where you can redeem on eth or btc which I feel is going to become more a trend.

Twitter avatar for @iamcfw

CFW @iamcfw

Repillca mint is LIVE Supply → 200 FCFS 10x Jars → 1x Repillca OR [ 0.05e/nft ] Mint here: launchpad.heymint.xyz/mint/repillca 🔴🟡🔵


5:03 PM ∙ Mar 30, 2023


MarkHabibi also has a fun OE that is similar to checks but you can lock in a “view” if you feel inclined. This seems like a fun way to put in a vault and let it rip indefinitely haha.

Twitter avatar for @MarkTheHabibi

MarkTheHabibi حبيبي @MarkTheHabibi

GM. Today marks 2 YEARS of Habibis 🥳 So I'm dropping my most ambitious art collection yet: Dailies. Mint is live: dailies.habibi.family incoming 🧵

3:28 PM ∙ Mar 31, 2023


Meme Of The Week

With the market uncertainty and on the brink of another bank failing if you stare for too long this meme below keeps cracking me up. So GM GM to you all.

Twitter avatar for @ethnorthi

northi ⌐◨-◨ @ethnorthi

still gm

10:38 AM ∙ Mar 11, 2023


Hope you all have a great week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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