Weekend Degen Report - Issue #22

The Degen Hotline Is Open, give me your fumbles

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Degen Report.

What to expect: 823 words a 4.2-minute read.

TLDR: Elon broke Substack linking. I set up a Degen Hotline. ChatGPT is going to replace us all. XCOPY again (I know). OE season continues.

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Creative Corner

Before we get started, just a heads up to all, that Elon is blocking Substack from Twitter so some of the links below may not load.

As my home life and work life stabilize my creative juices has been flowing recently. In the coming weeks I will be working on a new logo for the new name of this newsletter, will continue doing interviews with artists and collectors. I have a series that I feel I can do weekly for my podcast and through Youtube. Got my camera back as I upgraded from a Fuji XT2 to an XT5. Overall things are looking up.

This past week I launched a public voicemail inbox, so if you want to ask me a question that you want answered on the pod or share a recent win or loss in Web3, drop me a message.


I have been playing around with ChatGPT a lot more recently and when I heard that OpenAI was going to unleash their API in a way where it can plug into our apps, it made me pause and think that this may be a time we will reflect back and just see the impact this might have in our lives. When the iPhone launched and Apple said it was going to allow companies to create apps and have them on our phone, I donโ€™t think any of us could have predicted the world we are in now. The original iphone launched with less than 15 โ€œappsโ€ phone, contacts, calculator etc. Now the though of only have 15 apps on your phone is laughable. I think this ChatGPT release can be that. Combining the reasoning logic of ChatGPT with private databases or data is going to mind blow us. So I am dedicating more and more time to learning how to leverage these tools and how to refine my word usage so that I can communicate better with these AI tools. If anyone wants to understand how all these things work, this helped me a ton in understanding vector databases.

NFT Space

This week Berisiko dropped their first OE on Niftygateway. I have been keeping my eye on this artist for a bit now so I had to scoop a couple OEs to add to my collection.


MrLakon dropped a fresh new batch of MEIOS and this time he added Bongdoe to the list of owners. My favorite one this past batch was Prometheus, which one do you guys like? Congrats to all the new owners and welcome to The Garden.


Notable Sales

Another week of hot sales and Xcopy leading the way this week with a 242eth sale. This market is an odd one with some ppl fire selling to pay taxes and others doubling or tripling down. Only time will tell what play will win out but it is never a bad play to put your money on Xcopy.

SuperRare ๐Ÿ’Ž @SuperRare



2:08 PM โˆ™ Apr 7, 2023


Iโ€™ve been recently trying to learn more about Meebits and this sale caught my eye. There are less than 60 skeletons out of 20k meebits so this bodes well for the other skeleton holders.

Twitter avatar for @BCheque1

BCheque @BCheque1

Nice skeleton Meebit Sale 50 ETH ($90,492)


11:00 AM โˆ™ Apr 3, 2023


Not that I have 50eth laying around but if I did, a Fidenza at that price point when we have seen them hover over 90 for a hot minute doesnโ€™t seem like a bad purchase. Again, really odd market as everything is going down but it does appear like a good time to reposition yourself into something you like or are bullish on.

Twitter avatar for @punk9059

NFTstatistics.eth @punk9059

51 ETH Fidenza sale


3:58 PM โˆ™ Apr 5, 2023



Looks like Pepes are coming back. Currently there is an allowlist mint for this Notable Pepe by OSF. Prices seem to have stabilized a bit and will keep an eye out for this one as I want to add more Pepes to the collection.

Twitter avatar for @NotablePepes

Notable Pepes @NotablePepes

Pepe Meadows Driving Range Series: 1 Card: 39 Supply: 100 Artist: @osf_rekt


5:28 PM โˆ™ Apr 8, 2023


OE season continues, this week, I plan on minting a couple pieces from Krrowbar who has been giving me AW vibes with his drops and the orange is a great selection of color.

Twitter avatar for @krrowbar

krrowbar @krrowbar

Gm Fams! Into the Orange Dusk. My @niftygateway drop will consist of these 2 arts. Starts on tuesday 11 at 6.30 PM EST. Wait for detailed info๐Ÿ˜„


10:04 AM โˆ™ Apr 6, 2023


Meme Of The Week

Courtesy of Fooh. We all live in a simulation and chatgpt is proof of it haha.



Hope you all have a great week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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