Weekend Degen Report - Issue #23

How many burns and drops will we have on 4/20 lol

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Degen Report.

What to expect: 823 words a 4.2-minute read.

TLDR: Nintendo is old AF. Jeremy Booth bodied? Azuki pops off. Spaces on Wed?

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Creative Corner

GM GM, this past week I started researching who can redesign the logo and materials for this newsletter from Pintxos (RIP) to Weekend Degen. I think I narrowed it down so looking forward to launching that.

I have a trip coming up to drive up the majority of the west coast up to Seattle and will be taking pictures along the way. Might be time for a burn for collectors of my OE.

Also working on editing the latest recording for the podcast and it is one I am excited to deliver. Shitheads already know who I am in talks with and they will continue getting behind the scenes look. Make sure to get your WDR role in the AMP Discord as I have a giveaway for readers once the new pod drops.


Something I learned recently which I thought might be of interest to you all. Is Nintendo has been around since 1889. Which is way before video games were a thing. Back then Japan was in isolation mode so Nintendo focused on creating and distributing hanafuda cards. Which is basically a deck of cards as those could not be imported at the time. And the best way to distribute these is by having a collab with the Yakuza haha.

The Nintendo we know didn’t really transition to toys till 1950s and didn’t start their own IP till a couple years later. So as you watch the new Super Mario movie, now you know a bit about how Nintendo got going. You can read more about it on this page if you are curious.

NFT Space

This week was NFT NYC which many were at. Hope everyone had a fun time and enjoyed themselves. Hoping I will be present at next years event when my kid is a bit bigger. We had some weird story lines this past week. First one that crossed my feed was FTX is back? Not sure I would trust these dudes again but CIAHOAD.

Jeremy Booth recently announced a collab with Wrangler, which made the below tweet more odd. I guess if Jeremy Booth wanted to do a pfp project, then maybe he got bodied. But with his success with his OE and the fact he doesn’t “own” western style art this just seems like a bad take, unless the aim is go to viral.

Deca dropped some new features this past week which I am excited about. I am really looking forward to spending time setting up my Artist profile on Deca after this massive release. Tweet about the launch here. An example of one, courtesy of good friend East.

On some even more positive vibes, congrats to Unclepennybag$ on grabbing this Bastien 1/1 piece. The piece was attained through a scavenger hunt. They detailed the whole process and epic story through this tweet (highly suggest to read it). I personally love when artist do things like this. I remember spending a decent amount of time looking at the OSF Redlight District one and failing.

Notable Sales

With tax season upon us and the US Fed finally admitting we might go into a recession (nuts) we are starting to see some floors on pieces drop but also people adjusting their bets into other positions. This week is no different, but Azuki took over with some crazy trading and selling (Link to tweet since Twitter has rugged Substack).

There was also a nice Xcopy sale for “The fuck you looking at?” (link to tweet). Which i’ll be honest, I was not well versed on this item, but the name is hilarious.


This coming week I am looking forward to two projects. The first one is Degen Civilization. Now I will be quite frank, as a Alphadogg tag holder, I was whitelisted for this project and I will be honest, early previews didn’t really move the needle for me. But recently Mondoggg, Dabirds and team have been showing more and more previews and here are some of my favorites. Mix in some of the 1/1s we have seen from Bongdoe and others, I am now getting more excited for it. As always, not financial advice but I am looking forward to some of my mints. I will give one away, for any reader once they are live, so stay tuned on 4/20.

Also on 4/20 Indiorobot is doing a burn with some really awesome collabs (Bongdoe below). From Cliche, Tjhinoz, Lakon, Uczine, Gengoya, Bongdoe, and more. You can read more on how to get in on some of the action here

051- The Steam Reaper

Lastly, looking forward to see where Des’ latest piece ends up price wise. Madonna Of The Garden. Maybe we will hop on a spaces to discuss live as the auction comes to a close on Wednesday.

Meme Of The Week

Not sure why I laughed at this way harder than I needed to.


Hope you all have a great week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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