Weekend Degen Report - Issue #24

Ripcache coming in hot after Christies, also join my giveaways

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Degen Report.

What to expect: 793 words a 4-minute read.

TLDR: Shit week, is this the bottom? BBA got the job done, Ripcache still selling hot after Christies

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Creative Corner

GM GM. Coming a bit later so my apologies. This past week I began working on redesigning from Pintxos to Weekend Degen. Preparing for my trip up the coast by getting some more film and some filters (you can never have too much gear haha). Pretty quiet on the creative side, mostly dealing with IRL demands.

Head over to the AMP Discord as I am doing two giveaways, one for WDR readers and one for collectors of my work/premium readers of this newsletter. Both giveaways end this Friday the 28th so head on over to the server.


I’ve been going deeper and deeper into the AI end and learning on how I can leverage it for my work and personal life. This week I started learning about AI agents and its a crazy concept/idea that seems to be coming to life by the day.

Imagine a to do app, but instead of you as the human checking off the tasks, AI or AGI (general AI) in this case is the one who does the work for you. Currently right now, when AI finds an issue, it needs humans to intervene for next steps. With AGI and these agents, you have AI trying to solve the larger task at hand, but any issues it encounters on the way, it will deploy more AI bots to solve for that specific task. So you have a ton of AIs trying to solve for multiple issues at the same time to get you to your end goal, NUTS. This twitter thread was the source of this rabbit hole. Looking forward to the day we see a to do app that does your tasks.

NFT Space

The market has been really odd this past week. On one hand, everyday things seems to be dropping prices like rocks. Most notable are Moonbirds under 3E, Grifters hovering around a soft 10eth (could go lower). Some of this can even be seen at the highest levels in the space, this past week with the Christies auctions, almost all the pieces went for under the estimated price except for Ripcache.

With “stable” NFT bluechips getting rockier, some degens took refuge with alt coin pumps. Most notable is $pepe, which came out of nowhere at least for me. The top trending NFTs for the last seven days on OS are most projects most people have not heard of. Wherever you are in the spectrum of degeneracy, remember to take a break and evaluate where you want to invest your time and money.

Stay safe my friends and go touch some grass.

Notable Sales

Although the market has been shit, a notable sale that came through my feed was of BBA getting LA Whenever. Although we do not know how much it went for, we can probably assume it was north of 145eth as that offer he had for that amount was not accepted. You can read the full thread here. Bonus: video from pole learning that he had an offer for 145eth for the first time and that he had won a 1/1 from xcopy

Another notable sale this past week was a Ripcache on-chain selling for close to 29eth to Trillvault. Of the onchain collection Ripcache has this one is one of my favorites. Cross your fingers I win an edition in the coming days/weeks.


This coming week I am looking forward to a couple things. One is scooping up one these new pieces by Berisiko (hopefully gas isn’t ass).

I am also keeping an eye out on GUY2LASTEU on Twitter who has been dropping some heat recently on the AMP discord.


Meme Of The Week

I always love a good football meme and this one had me going for a bit, although they did Giroud wrong (Go Arsenal!)



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