Weekend Degen Report - Issue #26

6 months of issues!

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Degen Report.

What to expect: 756 words a 4-minute read.

TLDR: Rebrand complete. ACK is on a tear, hoping to get a physical print. PWC is back and its green with envy.

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Creative Corner

GM GM from Oregon. I have finally completed the logo for the rebrand switch from Pintxos to Weekend Degen. Let me know what you think of the new logo.

Also this week I will be launching a new episode for the podcast and doing a giveaway so stay tuned.


Something I stumbled upon this week was that every baseball in MLB is coated in a specific mud from a specific river that a specific family sells. It all started because back in the day, players wanted the balls to have more grip so they would use tobbaco or really any type of substances that would help. One day in the 1930s Philadelphia Athletics third base coach Lena Blackburne used some mud from a river near his home and the rest is history. By the 1950s every team in the MLB used this magical mud. MLB is steeped in “traditions” and this is one that continues even if the mud could be found elsewhere or there are better materials, they will continue this tradition. I had no clue so this was a fun interesting story to read.

NFT Space

It has been a bonkers week with alt coins but before jumping on that I wanted to cover some art. ACK is working on some prints and he gave us a behind the scenes process and the results are glorious. Highly suggest reading this tweet and seeing the final images for the Pale Blue, its gorgeous.

Ghxsts creator GxngYxng dropped this glorious piece. If you burn the Rainbow CXLXR which was highly anticipated by most as him and his team were working with Manifold to release this feature/burn.


Blur launched a NFT lending/Buy Now Pay Later protocol titled “Blend” which you can read about here. Right now you can get an Azuki for about 2eth and then pay off your loan as you go. Which is nuts, I dont think this will end well for most pfp projects but only time will tell what repercussions this new protocol has on the market. Currently BLUR farming definitely changed the game so this will be entertaining to say the least.

Now for the alt coins, they have been pumping like crazy and that is the talk of the town/week. I personally am not participating or speculating as I am saving up my eth for something special right now. But the one alt coin I do like right now mostly from a story perspective is $Turbo. I highly recommend reading this thread by Rhett and how $Turbo got started.

Notable Sales

Speaking of ACK, someone got a steal with this 5weth hit for the Pale Blue Color Study.



A heavy ACK week, but we may see the start of his Broken Keys collection this week/Monday. So far the following images has been my favorite one. ACK will be having an immersive oncyber session at 12pm, where he gives background information on each piece.


Also this week, looks like we will be having some fun with PWC and Des Lucrece, so buckle up for some fun.

Meme Of The Week

This one from Macvynls gave me a good chuckle and made me do a double take. The bush is strong on this one.



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