Weekend Degen Report - Issue #27

Ben.eth is that you?

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Degen Report.

What to expect: 856 words a 4.5-minute read.

TLDR: BTC is broken. BrandonMighty goes Western. Ripcache and JackKaido selling like hot cakes, DeGod gets jacked and sold for 99eth.

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Creative Corner

GM GM. This past week, I launched a new episode of the podcast where I spoke to Rezva, you can listen to it here. I ran a giveaway as well for Routine by Rezva (congrats to Indiorobot).

Speaking of the podcast, I have been discussing with some readers/listeners and I plan to do a bi-weekly round of the news similar to this newsletter but for podcast and youtube audience, so stay tuned.

Lastly, I was in Oregon this past week and took some pictures so I plan on getting those developed and seeing if we have any bangers for a small burn event.


This week I focused on improving my podocast editing skills and also some automation. My latest episode had some popping noises from a microphone. I initially was editing this manually as to not be so prevelant in the end product. But after spending some time researching I came upon Auphonic, which is a service that does this type of post producting editing using AI. It had a two hour free trial that I took advantage with my latest episode and ran it through the system and voila, better sounding audio in a couple of minutes. So if you ever find yourself recording audio and want to publish it without spending a ton of editing time (which I still recommend) this tool can be a good one to have in your back pocket.

NFT Space

It was a hectic week in the NFT space this past week. BTC transcations are running behind (400k tx) due to all the ordinal activity/BRC-20. And as a former BTC Maxi it does make me wonder if we will ever learn to stop trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole and that is coming from someone who likes ordinals.

BrandonMighty dropped us his western style take of his art and man is it gorgeous. Both styles mix so well and it is done with ease.


Moonbirds are working with Spotify to work on some token gated features. And I know most ppl who bought at the top this does not move the needle but it is nice to see a company like Spotify exploring the space although I still want them to release Hi-Fi.

ACK had a successful pianos drop with the lowest going for 9eth, the top most being 31eth and most of them going for above 13eth. Pretty quickly after the auctions ended, a DAO was formed by NYDoorman and a piece was acquired by the DAO for 21.5 eth.

Notable Sales

It was a notable week for Ripcache as two sales happened this past week and one being an ATH to Ben.eth for 33eth. The second was for 16eth for Branch6 for 16eth


Jack Kaido had a couple of notable sales as well with, Teardrop selling for 11eth. And before Kevbot took off for vacation he and Adam (@Rhynotic) acquired Kaido #1 — ‘Benzos’.


Some rapid fire before getting to our last notable sale, DeGods had a flurry of activity with Mythic War Armour 40 ETH ($74,000) Mythic Mamba 27 ETH ($50,200) Radioactive 19 ETH ($35,300) God Jersey 16.7 ETH ($31,000) and lastly DeGod ranked #1 was stolen from the owner and posted for sale for 99eth. A laser eye BAYC sold for 200eth.


Rarepepe Card #1 recently sold for 55eth. Always great to see people going after what they want in this bear market, especially since NFTs are dead ;)


Things I am looking forward to this week are Lord’s Genesis piece on OBJKT which drops at 5pm EST on the 15th of May.

Too broke for whatever Sam Spratt is cooking up but damn is my curiosity peaked.

This piece by Abdsyl which I am hoping is an edition piece.


Meme Of The Week

Randomly came across this image and apparently it is a real ad that Durex ran and if so, bravo. This is up there with Wendy’s twitter account.



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