Weekend Degen Report - Issue #28

Three in the pink for an Ultra Spawn event!

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Degen Report.

What to expect: 743 words a 4-minute read.

TLDR: Lego x Epic Games combine forces. Coca-Cola really did have cocaine in it. 3AC auctions are getting spicy. Des Lucrece Ultra Spawn event.

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Creative Corner

GM GM. Honestly not much happened this past week from a creative perspective for me. I finished running the podcast episodes through Auphonic to clean up the pops and mic noises and researched how to make my environment better for recording but that’s about it.

I want to keep it 100% with you all. This bear market and IRL demands have been making it hard to get the energy to keep being creative. I hope you all are taking care of yourselves and enjoying the long weekend (if you live in the USA).


Don’t let modern Coca-Cola try and fool you that is never had cocaine in it’s drink. Even after 1914 when coca leaf imports where banned, Coca-Cola and its lobbyist fought hard to have New Jersey-based firm, Maywood Chemical Works to be permitted to import coca leaves. And if you don’t think Coca-Cola was not involved then it is awfully convenient that Maywood’s biggest customer is Coca-Cola. Not sure how I ended up down this path of making sure Coca-Cola really got its name from having cocaine in its drinks before. But somehow I got here and CIAHOAD.

NFT Space

Tokenframe dropped its highly anticipated update to the app with multi wallet support, faster loading, better provenance bar. And they hope to drop the new updated ios app later this week or early next month. With Tezos support on the way later this summer (which I look forward to so I can flex my Sovas).

Blank Embrace recently got their art to be displayed in a gallery in Milan, Italy which is great news. I asked Blank Embrace about this, and they mentioned that previously, they have only had their work shown at a local bar so this is amazing news.

Chimpers team celebrated their one year anniversary and its been a great journey and the team has done a ton of work. Congrats to the team on all your accomplishments.

🏯Epic staking system tied to our storytelling.🎲 Gamified adventures with awesome rewards. 🏆 Empowering IRL community and meet ups. 📈 Exponential web2 social growth. 🔑 Developing key web 3 & 2 Partnerships

CrookedWest aka OG is launching a new show titled “MoneyNeverSleeps” and I look forward to hearing the first episode.

Notable Sales

Xcopy Rabble selling for 29eth. Gourmet Spicy for 10eth. And Adam acquired Gobble for 16eth.

DeGods have been on a tear recently at least the rare ones and this one recently sold for 84eth


Lastly the 3AC pieces have been selling like hot cakes

Fidenza #725 by @tylerxhobbs: $1,016,000

Autoglyph #187 by @LarvaLabs: $571,500

CryptoPunk #1326 by @LarvaLabs: $165,100

Ringers #194 by @dmitricherniak: $152,400

With Sothebys getting a decent chunk of change in all these sales. And we are still not done with all those sales.


This week I only have my eye on one thing and that is mostly Lucrece Ultra Spawn event, just in time for xReptar to burn as well. With some of the hints we have been getting along the way, we may have an extra special one as well.


On a more long term play, I am keeping an eye on Epic Games and Lego combining forces to create a new metaverse. The Lego IP is a strong one and Epic Games who makes Fortnite know what they are doing when it comes to gaming.


Meme Of The Week

This weeks meme cracked me up because this is all of us after a burn event with Des Lucrece.


Hope you all have a great week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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