Weekend Degen Report - Issue #30

Louis Vuitton joins in on the fun.

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Degen Report.

What to expect: 1100 words a 6.5-minute read.

TLDR: OG and Moneyclicc on a tear. Grant Yun and LV get physical. Yes I still buy Pokémon cards haha.

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Creative Corner

GM GM and happy Father’s Day and Juneteenth to all. Dropped my recent episode with Abnormality, so check that out here. Based on feedback from some readers, trying out something new for the creative corner.

I recently asked Des Lucrece “Do you ever get into a creative rut? if so, how do you usually get out of it? And did you ever pick up the guitar again now that we are in a bear market?”

I do— But its more about not liking anything I produce. I think it's common among artists to just have these periods of being critical of their current works. I think it's more about giving my mind enough space/time to let my own creativity to "reset". It's important to not force the work, but I'm lucky that a lot of this feels so natural for me that it comes back pretty quick and easy.

I have! but just for a couple short sessions haha. wild how so much can be lost in just a year.

I really love this thoughtful response from Des. I have been recently in a weird space when it comes to my photography where none of my shots looks how I wanted them to or how I expected it to be.


As some of you may know, I work in the legal field. I used to negotiate multi million dollar deals before. So with the newest spider coming out, I figured it would be a great time to let y’all know about some contract shit and one of my favorite super heroes.

Back in the day before Marvel made movies, they wanted to license out their most famous IPs so they can sell more comics and toys which was the core of their business back then. They licensed out one of their most iconic IPs in Spider Man to Sony. From there we got some solid Spider-Man movies with Toby McGuire but from there it just got weird. The whole universe rebooted with Andrew Garfield. So why the f did they reboot the whole universe again? Turns out that in the agreement, Sony had to create a new movie every couple of years or else they would forfeit the rights back to Marvel. And by this stage Marvel was making way more movie and making a boat load of money.

So when you watch these new Spider-Man movies just know that Marvel for the sake of not messing with their IP, will work with Sony to have him included with the Avengers and more. As a nerd this makes me ecstatic. But next time, soften the language by adding commercially reasonable efforts on making movies to soften and make it more of a gray area lol. At least we had a great meme recreated. Sources here.

NFT Space

Buck wild week again. Money Clicc has been steadily dropping some absolute bangers for their community and this JackKaido is no exception. An edition of 20, “Post Nothing” is another great addition to the community and great entry to Jack Kaido for those that got it.

This collab between Blank Embrace and BouboyBkk caught my attention. The combination between the two styles is almost effortless. Blank Embrace has been on a tear recently with gallery showings and now this collab.

Louis Vuitton is getting into the NFT space now. So if have a cool 39k laying around you can get a LV Luggage Case and a NFT version of it. Either way its great to see such a historic brand get involved. Looking forward to Goyard joining the space.

Grant Yun and Avant Arte are teaming up again to drop some really prints again. Will run you about 5k ish USD and it is an edition of 35. I would really want a Marin Headlands version printed, as that would be grail of grails as a Marin kid.

Notable Sales

This whole section would be mostly 3AC auction stuff, but as most of you know, The Goose sold for over $6m. After the sale, many artist in the space created spin offs of the famed Ringer that sold. Of course my favorite one is by Des Lucrece (shoutout fellow Meatriders). I saw a couple posts from Unclepennybag$ and others discussing what the sale means to the space. Some articles came out saying this was the end of NFTs (lol) while others praising 6529. So I wanted to ask y’all the below? (or as ACK would say, we are all art collectors, no NFT caveat)


A couple things I am looking forward to these coming weeks. The first thing on my radar is OG is having a fireside chat with ACK and Patrick Amadon. Really looking forward to episode three as Episode 2 with OSF was a great listen.

Next up this piece by DominikG is nuts, really digging the colors and all the details in this piece.

I recently submitted my entry to this giveaway by Bastien and hoping I can win. If you have a great nostalgic memory, I suggest you try and enter. Worst comes to worst, you reflected on the past. Best case scenario, you win and you can thank me haha (since Twitter linking is broken on Substack, the image below doesn’t do it justice.)

Speaking of being a nostalgic mfer. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on an UPC for the new Pokémon collection that is coming out later this year. The artwork on some of these are amazing.

Meme Of The Week

I am still cracking up over these Apple Vision Pro memes.


Hope you all have a great week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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