Weekend Degen Report - Issue #31

Looking for help on how to release feet pics onchain

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Degen Report.

What to expect: 817 words a 4-minute read.

TLDR: Ripcache takes us all to art history class. Everyone and their moms wants to release a BTC ETF. Crypto.com smh. SAP testing USDC.

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Creative Corner

GM GM. I have two weeks off from work and I plan to do some more interviews for the podcast and just hanging out with my daughter. Nothing major on the creative side. Going to do some giveaways for shitheads soon as it seems time/appropriate.

I also recently started investigating a bit more how to deploy an onchain photography collection (put my money where my mouth is). As well as doing a curated collection or something similar with the photographers in the AMP Discord server.


This week our knowledge learning comes from Ripcache. My summary of what he wrote in his twitter thread (highly suggest you read it all) is this: During the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century, the art market emerged as the result of a growing middle class and their appetite for art. This led to the establishment of art markets and auction houses, which decentralized art from exclusive control. Artists adjusted their styles to match the demand, and the open market system shaped the modern art market. Fast forward to the present day, the crypto art market has seen a similar expansion. Blockchain technology, particularly NFTs, has allowed digital artists to monetize their work in unprecedented ways, providing proof of ownership and authenticity. Digital artworks that were once undervalued are now commanding substantial prices. Additionally, the crypto art market has created an edition market for digital art, mirroring the print market of the Dutch Golden Age. However, despite the decentralization promised by blockchain, concerns about centralization in the underlying technology persist. These parallel periods illustrate how networks can redefine art and emphasize its dynamic nature as a reflection of society.

NFT Space

Another crazy week in Web3. Christies kicked off their auctions for Deekay, Ixshells, Sam Spratt and more; this ends on June 28th. Deekay’s piece is amazing as usual and one of my favorites out of the lot. Sam Spratt’s piece is his first edition if I am not mistaken so that is the most notable and the image below is not the final piece.

BTC pricing surged after every financial institution and your mom is lining up to be the first true BTC ETF. BTC maxiland has been dreaming about this day forever as this is what kick starts the next bull run in their minds.

Meanwhile other financial institutions are just grifters. Crypto.com is allegedly using their insider knowledge to rek their users.

Some rapid fire before moving on to what I think is another big story. Nike x Fornite team up to drop. It does make me wonder if that 30eth bid came from Fornite team. Objkt announces changes to how Tzprofiles will work and Adam from the Vulcan team spoke they will update Vulcan to support the new changes and keeping us all a bit more secure.

Another big story of similar impact to the BTC ETF news is the news that SAP is exploring using USDC as a payment method. SAP using USDC would be major news. SAP is one of the two big ERPs that companies use (Oracle being the other). Ariba which is a pretty awful tool but a part of the SAP stack is extremely popular. Adding this level of functionality would impact the business world internationally.

SAP enabling their customers on their platform to send USDC for cross-border payments

Notable Sales

This gorgeous NiftyMonki piece went to Cozomo de' Medici for 11eth.

As some of you may know Disintegration is one of my grail Xcopy pieces I want. And one recently sold for free (aka 13eth).


A couple things I am looking forward to these coming weeks. Seeing this beef between Elon and Zuck getting more and more hilarious.

Seeing who wins this dope collab piece between Bastien and DominikG.


After collecting this last McBess piece, I am looking forward to seeing what AlienQueen is cooking up for Alphadoggg.


Meme Of The Week

As a fast walker this one gave me a chuckle. Queue Move Bitch by Ludacris.



Hope you all have a great week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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