Weekend Degen Report - Issue #35

I got chosen for an ACK print momma I made it

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Degen Report.

What to expect: 965 words a 4-minute read.

TLDR: Would you want an airplan strip near your home? Luis Ponce drops is some heat. X gon give it to ya! I state my case to Sam Spratt haha.

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Creative Corner

GM GM. Another week down and getting closer to the end of the year. Let’s dive in.

On August 4th I will be dropping another episode of the podcast, this time with Ivan Casis Jr. You will be able to find this on all major platforms, including Youtube and here.

I am working on a more in-depth piece but need some help from you all. I am trying to write a market analysis sentiment piece since we are half way through the year. I am gathering data with this survey (takes about two minutes) and also watching some market data and will summarize. I plan to drop two new premium pieces this week one for MoneyNeverSleeps and one on Wasabi Protocol.

Lastly, I will be taking some time off as I will be in Europe traveling around for a couple of weeks. As of now, I will not be dropping a weekly recap piece on September 4th, 11th. I will most likely drop some premium content (that then unlocks for free) then but still figuring it all out.


Did you know there are some country clubs/gated communities that have their own private airports? This homie did a deep dive on some private airports in some really nice communities. And some of these little mini oases are nuts. Would you ever live in one of these communities? I feel like I couldn’t do it with the noise but some of them do have limits on takeoff and landing but idk.

NFT Space

DesLucrece continued his burns for Proceed with Caution dropping the yellow piece in this new set titled “Transfer”. It fully minted out (nice call out Hiimdave). Which really took me back to the linked gameboy days of trading Pokemon. Not sure why it gave me that vibe but that is the life of an old man. Below is an image of all the pieces together. We get a nice break from any further burns this week. But will continue to look forward to the next burn.


Gnosis came out with their new payment debit card. And something that is a bit different from this one than other solutions that are similar is that this one is fully self-custodial which what crypto is all about, decentralization. Not trusting but verifying. It uses a L2 to handle real time transcations where Visa is accepted and then settles onchain on L1. This shit is super forward thinking and great way to spend your hamster earnings. Sadly, this is not available to residents in the USA but I look forward to giving this a spin when it becomes available.

Compa Luis Ponce dropped some physicals ahead of his Avan Arte piece. With The Fragmented Existences #20 coming to life. The details on this piece are absolutely insane, which makes me even more excited for the Avant Arte piece.


Moonbirds has been slowly dropping their new mythics collection and I so far reception seems to be positive. This Fidenza inspired cloak recently sold for over 2eth and is a nice tribute piece while still keeping their distinct owl look.


Lastly, Twitter changed its name to X. So catch me xkeeting on x (has a nice ring to it) lol.

Notable Sales

It has been a fire week with sales. The Deekay piece am I dreaming sold for over 52eth.

I usually try and stay away from pfps in my issues when it comes to sales, but Beanie bought 16 punks for 1875eth/3.5million. Which is just a crazy ass amount but damn you love to see it.


Auction houses continue to clear that 30% tax on selling NFTs with Sothebys recently selling a:

  • Punk (wild white): 133.7 ETH

  • Fidenzas: 147and 127 ETH

  • Ringers: 80.2 ETH



StudioBrooke, recently teased us with a possible new passport series. Last one was in Portugal, where do you think the next series will be? Either way, sign me up.


Mr. Lakon is wrapping up his Meios collection with the best of the best from each faction this week. I look forward to seeing what comes next after this. I also will be sitting down with Mr. Lakon and chatting it up with what comes next in the newsletter, so stay tuned.

As mentioned before, Sam Spratt has been cooking up something for a minute and we have gotten hints that it will be a new way for new collectors to join. I don’t know how the fuck I can get in on this, but I’ll state my case. I once ate a whole block of cheddar cheese and chased it with gin. Not sure if that helps, but Sam, just wanted you to know haha.


Meme Of The Week

This one is hot off the press, and needs no introduction.



Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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