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Crypto Chronicles

Insightful, Entertaining, and Intuitive Takes on the Crypto Space

Welcome to my collection of crypto chronicles. Think of it as a blend of serious, ambitious crypto projects and some good old-fashioned degen fun—very much in line with my Gemini nature.

The Open-Minded Approach

To develop unique and insightful opinions, I believe in maintaining an open mind and drawing from a wide range of disciplines. This approach helps in spotting trends and forming theses before they become mainstream.

How These Opinions Were Developed

I've spent more than seven years in the industry now. I have a unique perspective as a Crypto Boomer who had no background in tech (I worked in trades and ski resort operations prior). A long road of learning to code, losing money, following failed projects, being exposed to brilliant minds, contributing to DAOs, running grants programs, running a bootstrapped infrastructure business, contributing to open-source repositories, and making money led me to these beliefs and help guide my thinking.

While I know this isn’t an acceptable explanation to a Normie, the easiest word to explain my opinions is Intuition.

But I'll try to boil it down to help others in the following series.

Series Breakdown

I’ve divided my chronicles into three categories: Retro Revelations, Crystal Ball Gazing, and Narrative Nonsense.

  • Retro Revelations: These cover the signals and insights that led to forming a thesis about a project. They’ll give you a historical perspective on why certain projects succeeded or failed.

  • Crystal Ball Gazing: These are my current opinions and predictions. They’re light, easy reads with a couple of project suggestions for those looking to gain exposure or develop their own ideas.

  • Narrative Nonsense: These tackle current short-term narratives in the industry that are widely accepted but either miss the mark or are completely wrong and will be debunked in the future. (Note: This doesn’t mean you can’t make short-term profits!)

Whether you're a seasoned crypto enthusiast or just looking to dip your toes in, you'll find something to spark your interest and maybe even make you laugh along the way.

Retro Revelations

Crystal Ball Gazing

Narrative Nonsense

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