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Crystal Ball Gazing: UX/UI Layer

You will be able to tell Aunt Betty how to buy Bitcoin without introducing her to SBF

*Assume I am invested in products mentioned. Not because Im paid but because I believe there is an opportunity

Step changes within industry and cultures happen over layers. Summer 2020 saw the inception of financial primitives that were, let's say, very primitive.


While replication is a form of flattery, it doesn't exactly translate to immediate practical applications. Decentralized finance at that time arguably created more friction and benefited only the most seasoned degens at the expense of less experienced users. But, as with all breeding grounds, seeds are sown that grow into structures capable of withstanding the most ferocious weather.


During the winter months, these primitives were iterated on, hacked, used, and ultimately processed billions of dollars in capital. Many scaling issues were semi-solved by faster layers like Solana or complementary Ethereum layers like Optimism. One issue remains: open design space due to problems that will be solved in the near future, namely wallets, fragmented liquidity, and composability across the multi-layered layers.


This coming summer, we will see the UX/UI layer refined to the point that when your Aunt Betty asks to buy some bitcoin or earn better returns on her money than a traditional bank, there will be a decentralized alternative to Coinbase, Binance, or FTX.... cough, cough....

Some of the building blocks that will enable this are:

  • Account abstraction

  • Passkeys

  • Mature DeFi primitives

All wrapped up in an easy-to-use interface that will become as familiar as a bank account but easier.

Products you can use NOW

Tokensight simplifies the process of trading across assets, which previously required coding knowledge or automated bots. Tokensight provides a user-friendly interface to execute limit orders and other trading functions across multiple Ethereum Layer 2s, making advanced trading accessible to everyone. This innovation democratizes trading by providing sophisticated tools to everyday users without the need for technical expertise. You can learn more about their offerings here.

Infinex aims to revolutionize DeFi by offering services similar to traditional bank accounts but without bureaucratic hurdles. With a focus on non-custodial services across multiple blockchains, Infinex combines a simple user interface with powerful DeFi tools. This makes it easy for users to transact, save, and earn without the typical complexities associated with decentralized finance. Infinex has implemented numerous proposals to enhance its functionality, such as integrating WalletConnect API and supporting staked assets like Lido Staked Ether. More details on their proposals and innovations can be found here.

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