Walk through Web3 pull requests to get a better understanding of products, projects and protocols

What is pull-requests-with-zoz

This series is for the curious potential web3 coders out there. I, like you, started with a vision that blockchain and web3 will change the world, yet I didn’t have the skill set to actively help build that world we so long for.

pull-requests-with-zoz will help anyone of any skill set learn about a product, project or discipline in a new content form I felt would benefit others. It consists of two complementary pieces:

  1. A pull request that was contributed to an open source crypto project

  2. An article explaining the what, why and how.....



Twitter: @0xzoz

GitHub: @0xzoz

Mirror: @0xzoz

Discord: @zoz.eth#6952

ENS: zoz.eth

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