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100 friends

What Matters The Most

You might have heard of 1000 true fans: hardcore diehard fans that will do anything to support you. Having 1000 true fans is an alternative path to a success but it’s also a more like outcome than trying to hit a lottery with a bestseller of your creation. I have also read enough about 10000 followers: where the first 10k followers are the hardest for one’s growth on the social media platform and it’s crucial to have the right audience. Not necessarily, die hard followers but committed ones. I’ve also stumbled upon 1 true believer, 1 reply guy aaaand your brand as the most amazing 1 brand.

I’m here to suggest something different 100 quality connections. In other words - 100 friends.
100 Friends

There reasoning for that is simple as I’m leveraging all what other mentioned approaches have yet applying it to what matters the most. I’m not sure about you but I know I need connections and relationships in my life. And simply, the greater the quality of those - the greater my life is. Although, they are usually formed around some common area of interest, great quality relationships of all kind they extend beyond that initial realm. Moving on into core meta intricacies that are going to be defining concrete and actionable steps later on.

First of all, connecting for the sake of connecting. And while there’s nothing wrong with asking for some favors, getting some benefits or offering your services to someone from the get go - that’s not the approach that I’m talking about and remember that there’s some room for flexibility. My usual guides are curiosity or inspiration. I just listen to those and go from there. It might end up look like me asking a question about someone’s work, their outfit, our common interest, their idea that is contrary to mine or me sharing how they’ve inspired me, even though it might be our first time talking or chatting. That also means that this type of connecting is not going to always work out. On the contrary, sometimes people might not respond, sometimes they might not be willing to engage into a deeper conversation or just don’t react at all for whatever their reasons. What matters is what I have a choice over - my action - and where that is initiating from: my preferences are curiosity or inspiration.

Besides this intimate approach, I’m letting additional qualities such as humor and uplifted energy shine in groups settings. It fosters a different level of connection and facilitates a nice core common ground where people are familiar with each other so it’s more safe and pleasant for both parties to engage in more intimate, smaller group or 1on1 chats.

Ultimately, there’s no one fits all rule. Yet it’s important to take time to explore oneself and become aware of one’s purposes for connecting through a practice of noticing and then experiment with various approaches.

Enough of this meta personal perspective, let’s get to more concrete and actionable steps. While it’s applicable in life, this is an illustration of how I’m going to be choosing being more intentional in my process of fostering my strong quality connections within web3 as an example.

Starting with finding good communities or taking note of already existing communities I am a part of. Partially with some luck, I’m already a part of EVMavericks (Mainnet DAO) and ethfinance subreddit. I’ve met some amazing people in there and with some I still have yet to connect. Reaching out to some from whom I’d like to learn more about their passions, their perspectives, history and lessons within crypto and what excites them! With others, I’d like to talk more about some degen stuff, art and life events.

I’m also looking into new communities such as mfers or being active in the other ones that I have access too such as ethlizards, Neo Tokyo, Art related discords, etcetera. Looking also into people and new different communities in those good discords and on twitter with people who I resonate with.

Being part of many other chats and groups let’s me have access to many other people yet it’s important for me to be more intentional and connect with people who share my values even within the crypto space. Remember, it’s about the actions that we choose to take regardless of outcomes.

Looking forward to my new future genuine connections and strengthening my existing friendships!

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