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1 Year in NFTs: bcard - project & community (July-Novemberish-present 2022)

696 reflects on 1 year in NFTs. Continuing with today's reflection on my Bcard and my time there!

The name is everything - eventually rebranded to - You are you (in bcard 2.0)

The Name Is Everything

Bcard - on-chain verification, connection & creativity

Bcard Ascii Art and current logo

This project started sometime in May by 008.eth. It's basically an collection NFT on Polygon PoS, started on Ethereum but shifted to Polygon PoS due to fees. It was aimed to be more of a web3 platform. Discord wasn't used, while twitter and space where used to a degree, a shift to embracing the metaverse - oncyber - happened and our meetings fully migrated there.

Bcard gmcoffee daily hangout meetings!

There was even a wedding reception at some point!

Bcard Wedding Reception on Cyber

And, a bit towards the end we had a few auctions happen too. Most were art related.

Bcard Art Auction Oncyber

I liked the aspect of the project being on chain, moving towards being more decentralized, and having a unique way of establishing some legitimacy. Forming actual connections and sharing creativity and unique ways of interacting in some news ways was really exciting. It finally felt like meeting people who cared about the progress of the technologies that we have. It doesn't mean everyone understood every aspect. I didn't understand lots of things myself. But we were all curious, willing, testing and learning. It ended up growing into a small niche community and ecosystem with art galleries, personal spaces - portals, and common places. We didn't not hit the critical exponential mass as we expected, and, eventually the project slowed down. The FTX fiasco did not help.

I ended up doing some reflection around October and after releasing my reflection thread I have shifted my focus.

I slowly started being less involved and just letting the project play out by itself while I focused on my connections with people and on exploring other projects in the crypto space.

Although it never took off exponentially, it makes me wonder if we were just too early. Nevertheless, I learned a lot about a variety of things involving on chain stuff, metaverses, art, and so much more. The connections that I have made within that community have been invaluable, and I still keep in touch with a few of the friends from there while also keeping an eye on the rest.

I'd be curious to look back on this in 2-5 years and see if something similar arises as Ethereum's scaling problems continue to be solved. For now - the experiences will live in my memories. Cheers to bfam🧑

Next up: Consistency.

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