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1 Year in NFTs: Consistency

696 reflects on 1 year in NFTs. Continuing with today's reflection on Consistency

Let's talk about Consistency.

I'm not sure about you, but when I'm thinking about consistency, my brain naturally associates it with the word 'daily'.

But wait a minute... it does not have to be!

I'm sure we have all wrestled with the idea of consistency and probably will continue to find our own balance in our lives. At some point in my life, I've come across compounding and improving by a tiny percentage every day, which translates into a significant improvement the longer it goes.

Another version was about 'being better than your yesterday self'.

Or they say consistency is the key to success.

However good it sounded, I have found those things to be false through years of my experiences. Nowadays, I see consistency not on a daily but on a weekly basis! There are only 24 hours in a day, and there are so many things to do, including rest. A week has 144 hours, which of course does not magically make everything easier, but it helps me to zoom out and see a bit of a longer-term picture, especially as many thoughts and emotions can fluctuate heavily within one single day. Combined with my assessment of how much I can possibly do without rest and then figuring out where to put rest. It's especially applicable when I'm applying it to physical activities, after seeing how my week fills up, I get to choose where I want to rest and where I get to say no to certain events or even reoccurring activities.

When it comes to my web3 and NFT journeys within the last year, I have been active on a daily basis in some capacity. There was maybe one or a few times where I completely disconnected. Truthfully, I know it is neither sustainable nor fulfilling that way, but sometimes the emotions still take over. Whether excitement and curiosity or greed and stress, they make me spend so much more time than would be necessary in the life that I am wanting to live. I'm noticing more and more that it's become a game of figuring out what 80-90% I have to say 'no' to and what few projects I'm passionately wanting to explore and with whom I really wanna connect with. A few points are clear to me - I have to spend less time randomly being on Twitter, less time on Discord, and curate lists of people and content that is important to me. Additionally, I am experimenting with either doing less and slightly focusing more on the quality of my contributions or being more intentional with my contributions while not focusing on being too clean. And I always gotta remember my values and come back to myself internally, or seek guidance elsewhere, like from nature, if I don't have the space within and see all the answers that are already there.

I'm still finding my balance in life and, thus in web3. I've noticed, learned, and been adjusting to transitioning from being active on a daily basis. It's nice to have a few days with a minimum of activity and sometimes a day or a weekend without any. I don't ever see myself leaving crypto if it continues evolving, so I'm here for a lifelong journey, and that means it is time to start treating it like a never-ending path full of hikes and adventures. Being a bit more attentive and smarter with how I use my inner resources.

But what does "consistency" mean to you?


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