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1 Year in NFTs: Rapid questions Edition

696 reflects on 1 year in NFTs. Continuing with today's reflection on a variety of topics

Today we are going to cover lots of topics on which I'm choosing not to go in depth.

On Goblintown (May 2022):

My first time fading NFT generational wealth. I was busy doing a good deed during the mint, didn't wanna buy for 0.05e. bought it back in later at 3E when it was bleeding and ended up getting out at 2E. The current FP is like 0.3e.

On degening:

It's fun but also draining, and at some point you've gotta call it quits or balance it better with life. In a way, it's like people who gamble, and all of them, or at least 99%, are going to lose, but they are gambling for entertainment, not for money. Those who are doing it for money are really skilled and serious, and to them, it's a job. Also, degening with friends has been really fun and connecting. A web3 shared activity that keeps on providing a vast and surprising amount of experiences!

On PnDs:

So many people are involved, not just the influencers that are pumping, but all other people that are wanting to make a small amount of money. The most disappointing are the people who already made it long time ago. This kind of thing makes me lose hope in the space, but I'm just choosing to focus my attention on projects that are fundamentally solid, on people and communities that value some things beyond money.

On metaverse:

I used mostly Oncyber, though I have tried out a few other ones, like Decentraland and a few others. Whatever we have right now is not the future, and yet it's a cool way to connect with people. It can give you more than just words, and it's easier to create experiences and memories. Impressive job by oncyber team with all the new functions and improvements. I'm curious to see how things progress.

On registering negatives ENS:

That was probably one of my best calls. I did a long write up for EVMavericks. What I like the most is not just the call itself to do XYZ but the explanation of how to do it technically and how to do it so that it's a value play. I explained EV (estimated value), R/R (risk/reward), and EG (estimated growth) to give more perspective on some money and risk management and how all of that, with a combination of call, can make for a great play.

On The Merge, EIPandas:

That went so smoothly. Also, the party vibe in EVMavericks' voice chat was a blast! Also, EIPandas ended up being a success, and it was such a cool experience. So many great things have been done.

On the FTX fiasco:

I always had a gut feeling about not liking Sam, but there wasn't anything specific that I had a proof proof of nor I cared so much. I chose to avoid all the related things and not endorse whatever things they were doing. It sucks that so many people got rugged.

On Taxes:

Doing taxes sucks a lot. The whole system is just a whole other post. I haven't found any tools that I'm confident will make my job easy next year.

On USDC depeg:

I read it pretty well about people overpanicking and that the peg would be restored, but ended up with an L because I wanted 2-3% more instead of securing an easy 10% within a day. Lesson learned: review the most unexpected outcomes. It's not like Ether going up was thaaat unexpected, but I thought I would offload first thing in the morning on Monday so it wouldn't mooon by that much.

On Withdrowls:

I'm really impressed and proud of Etheraider and NaeNaeBaby for stepping up and just creating such a hit. It is really inspiring to me when people are not only creating but also doing it for the right reasons. I'm so happy to see how the funds are being used to fund public goods right now, too.

On Art - Wavy Ride:

That was a drop for Ethfinance, and although it was not up to my perfectionistic standard, I'm glad I went for it and it's better than not doing it at all. The idea that I got actually ended up being solid; it's more the execution piece that I wish went better.


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