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3 months⏰

The best time to reevaluate the projects.

3 months⏰

3 months from now!

The best time to reevaluate the projects.

So many projects say they are going to deliver. Some even create roadmaps.

Hold them accountable for their promises and what they actually deliver.

3 months is a whole quarter. Some projects might only have these 3 months as they recently released an update, others might have been working on delivering for many months now so take that into account.

Right now is the best time to take notes of where they are at and what they are promising to deliver.

Come back in 3 months to check what they have actually delivered.

You can be bullish af and even have a longer timeline and that's okay.

However, don't be blindsided by the facts when the time comes.

Question things too! Especially if you are already noticing by taking notes of your assets and projects that the crucial pieces and clarity of what they are planning to deliver are missing.

it is okay to take L's and let your Winners run.

If you do it slightly before 3 months then you can Tax loss harvest for this year.

If they are not delivering right now, why would you trust them to do the same in the future?

There's always an opportunity cost.

So reevaluate.

Take whatever L's needed in 3 months.

Turn them into W's!

Keep stacking the W's!

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