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1 Year in NFTs: Twitter Followers (4/21/2022-present)

696 reflects on 1 year in NFTs. Continuing with today's reflection on Twitter Followers

I never really cared about Twitter prior to this point. I created an IRL account like 10ish years ago but never really used it. When it comes to crypto, most of my time was spent on Reddit - r/ethfinance.

Now, I'm not sure why I created this account, but it seems to be a day after I minted my Maverick. I know there's usually lots of excitement during the early days (the honey moon phase), and people were eager to bond together and roar about the lion pride. Anyway, I ended up creating an account and following all the Mavs the EVMavericks account was following. One thing that was still weird to me is that so many web3 or crypto projects use Twitter, which is a full web2 platform that can and has rugged some of my friends' accounts before. My account has been locked multiple times for no reason until you add your phone number, etc. to unlock it. One click on their end - you are gone.

Over time, and after getting more into ENS, I started caring more. I've changed sides of caring and not caring so many times now that I don't remember all the details, but I do know the important parts. What I've come to and what I hold nowadays is that I am able to hold both of the sides of caring and not caring at the same time. I personally don't care about it at all. When I'm in nature, when I'm doing things outside, when I'm engaged in the things that matter, and so on and on and on.

The nuance comes in because part of me does care. It does care for a very noble, specific set of reasons too. In the world where I do have more followers, I would be able to spread my values, educational messages, and even some funny memes to a wider range of people. All of that is nice, and yet it's important to let go of all of that. Otherwise, it alters my behavior in a way where it's still geared a bit more towards getting better numbers, while still keeping my true values. But then I wonder, and I like challenging myself with the question, "Why does a number of followers impact the content?".

"If I am doing something good, wouldn't it matter whether one or a thousand people see that?"

Again, there are, at least, two sides to the coin that I'm holding. And at the end of the day, I'm still human, and it does get very demoralizing to see all the people doing scammy (all other types of things) having more followers and more impact, which I judge as a net negative.

And why am I building in the first place?

I thought having a personal blog is nice addition that is like a journal, a resume, and basically an on-chain history of your identity. It seems we are not there in crypto, so that's why I'm still using Twitter, as it does matter, but also playing around more with web3 projects like and Also, building on top of ENS, even something as simple as a site -, is a way of doing that.

Honestly, there's still so much more to write about followers and how I have figured out some particular nuances, but, again, it doesn't really matter to me at the end of the day.

Although I'd say I have tried to be consistent on a daily basis for almost a year, maybe missing a bit in the beginning, and have contributed content in a variety of forms, including memes, threads, questions, observations, analysis, videos, news, step-by-step guides, etc and I have gotten to 2275 followers. That's also including all my NFT related communities and ENS.

I'd like to end it on a note that's future-focused. What am I going to do going forward?

Obviously, I don't have enough reach, and that's also a good thing for me mentally, as it gives me so much more room to experiment and make mistakes.

The most important to me is to be true to my values and certain things like curiosity, decentralization, community, collaboration, communication, transparency, education, and making people smile and laugh. All of that while being authentic, having a better balance on how this piece fits within my life puzzle. Focusing on my connections with people and on the effort that I'm putting in, and the content I'm creating than being a slave to the algorithm.

Next up: Art, creating Art.


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