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1 Year in NFTs: Ethfinance (mid 2020-present)

696 reflects on 1 year in NFTs. Starting with today's reflection on r/Ethfinance

I start my reflecting on 1 Year in NFTs from Ethfinance.

r/Ethfinance - subreddit that has influenced my Ethereum journey greatly, and thus - my NFT journey.

But how is it exactly connected?

I've heard more and more about Ethereum as some of my online internet friends started exploring other chains besides bitcoin. Ethereum was one of the most promising ones. Eventually I ended up hearing more and more about it and I thought it was time to start looking into it. I do not remember exactly how but I did find r/ethfinance sometime in the middle of 2020.

The discussion was amazing compared to the r/bitcoinmarket's daily that I had been frequenting for years. Not only people were talking about the tech, it was the majority of the talk there. Quite a contrast compared to only 'number go up' in the btc daily.

Fast forward to March 2022, there's now talks about this NFT project - EVMavericks. Most active people where whitelisted. I had not. Why? Even though I'd been quite a frequent visitor - I was a lurker. Luckily, I made a few comments over the few years and that was enough to get on an additional list and then winning a raffle solidified my involvement.

Nowadays I still visit the Ethfinance daily, almost on a daily basis. Sometimes I get too busy with life. It's still a wonderful place to ask questions, hear about new developments, be alerted about important topics, see the stories of community members and learn something new everyday.

After being one of the most active members in the EVMavericks discord and being still quite a strong lurker and even turning into a slight poster on Ethfinance, I can share a few of my observations.

I personally prefer the pace of the discord as it's more of a live chat and closer to a real time conversation. Ethfinance has a higher quality and lower noise. Yet it doesn't do one thing very well for me and I'd bet especially for the people who are lurking - involving you in being part of the community. You see, sometimes folks like me who are new and not technical have really nothing substantial to contribute. And even though some of us are still asking some questions from time to time which I believe are still valuable contributions, it just does not complete the puzzle. And I believe each of us has something to offer and we can learn something new from each other. And this is where discord comes in and that is what it allows you to do, and I feel that EVMavericks degen chat, in particular, is prime example of bringing folks together. It's a glue. Still maybe for some but not others.

Now I'm not going to go into pros and cons of each platform but one more thing I will mention is that the subreddit is a nice free resource for new folks. And I feel the vibe is especially geared for people who are, hopefully, going to make it financially as well as being the ones who are understanding and embracing many aspects of the technology and tools that we discover and build.

Next up: reflecting on EVMavericks.

And while you wait, join for free and check out - r/Ethfinance

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