Bear Market Memoirs

Learning in the current crypto bear

Bear Market Memoirs

Repetitive drops are making me appreciate the bear quite a lot. Sometimes the price goes up and it gets easier to lose the track of the values, important lessons and experiences. And it's like another chance, that I've already paid for before, cause we went to $800 before and now Ether is just dropping to $1420. It's especially helpful for someone like me - who needs a few repetitive tries to learn it more than in a logical way and implement the lessons. It's also really gets exciting for me.

I'm curious what am I going to do right now? That means I'm probably going to be fine in the future cause you bet I'm not gonna be leaving the space when ETH hits $6.9k and $69k if I haven't left it by now. Other things for me to observe and notice more of:

  • what exactly matters to me?

  • going over my values (are they needing additions or some change?)

  • focusing more on connections: similar or different but with at least same core values like me (decentralization, community, integrity and a few others)

  • getting curios about more projects -failing more -and more

  • doing even more of what I wanna do/feels right to me rather than fitting myself for algorithm or my bags

  • writing and sticking to plans (the meta level stuff is more important than the outcomes of the plans altho those can be analyzed later on)

  • keeping my ethos going

  • oh and trying things out, it's actually so easy to get complacent here

  • experimenting

  • getting all that knowledge

  • keep being active at my own pace and in whatever forms that's meaningful to me

  • having fun!!!

  • and again, taking risks and trying bigger!

  • ofc long term (69y+)

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