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DID is the next catalyst🧵

Decentralized Identifier (DID) might emerge as the next hot trend during the next bull run


In the years prior we had:

✅2017 ICOs

✅2019 Defi & Yield Farming

✅2021 NFTs

What can we see emerging in 2024-2025?


NFTs can still be paving the way.

But it doesn't mean it has to be PFPs.

It can still be tied to the NFT tech.

Something like a Decentralized Identity fits perfectly!


How so?

• Onchain identity is needed and applicable to everyone

• Ownership

• There's a stigma around NFTs yet it doesn't need to be mentioned and we are talking about identity

• SocialFi is starting to take off

• Identifier is helpful for future applications

But what about GameFi❓

Many people think it would be the next hot thing!

The tech isn't quite ready yet.

2027-2028 looks better for that when Ethereum is more scaled and we have privacy options with zero-knowledge proofs


RWAs (Real World Assets) would be also a great fit to gain traction sometime after 2025 till 2028.

Where do you see the biggest potential in the crypto space?

Share your thoughts & predictions below👇


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