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ICANN78 - Emerging Identifier Technologies: ENS - Alternate Name Services to DNS

Emerging Identifier Technologies - ICANN78


I listened through it all so you do not have to,

Here are the most important things that happened there:

1. Unstoppable Domains (UD) had a presentation about web3 domains.

It was followed by a long Q&A.

2. Web2 domainers emphasized that renewals are an important part of domaining.

3. Centralization (& willingness to have some control) has been brought up many times in different shapes and forms.

4. The next ICANN auction is in 2026 which is quite far in the future given the speed of the development in the web3 space.

There was another presentation that just covered the basics of name services and what they call alternative name services that provide the same utility yet do not rely on DNS.

1. ENS was mentioned there more and looked into some stats.

2. Their general conclusion was that blockchain technology is useful to DNS.

3. One person proposed to use the terminology of 'wallet names' instead of 'domain names' so there's less confusion for the masses.


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