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Improving Your Craft🧵

Embarking on a monthly writing challenge. Pushing myself for 1 thread per day.



A lot of progress is about practice.

If you do something for a long period, eventually you'll be good at it.

Consistency adds a great challenge.

The reward is the habit that makes things easier as you go.


Some of my Personal Struggles with Thread Writing:

-Spending hours on writing a thread

-Chasing perfection

-Wanting to have a great flow

-Too much info that's left and prob sufficient for 2-3 more threads that are never done

-The opening

-Creating graphics that match

& much more


• Pick 1 thing to improve on

• Be intentional

• Take action (this is where practice comes in)

• Revise

• Rinse & Repeat


Growth is exploring the unknown not known

Trying new:






It can be:




-Emotionally provocative





Most of us are not born being good at skills.

We have to be unskilful before being skillful.

This is when the practice comes in, again.

However, it's also letting suck while learning and letting fail.


Do more.

Bigger picture

Once in a while,

For me, it would be in 30 days.

It is important to step out and zoom out.

Observe the bigger picture.

See the changes.

Reflect on what has been and has not been working.


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