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How much is your word worth? Onchain social experiment - L0 (Layer Zero)

L0 - Layer Zero

Day 403

One of the coolest experiments I've been and am part of!


1/32 multisig

what does it mean? anyone from 32 people can grab that sweet 1.16 WETH whenever they want!

the best part? our buy-in was whatever we wanted above 0 (most did 0.01 ETH).

the tricky part? you promised to never sell the NFT for any price.

why? well it shows you those who can keep their word, for how long but, most importantly, for how much.

and the most legitimate part? all of that is onchain!

So far 32 of us have lasted more than a year proving that our word is worth something, more than money. at least more than 1.1616 WETH, and that's at the peak of a bear market, with everyone facing their own difficulties.

And yet, no one has decided to sell out for... just 1 ether (which can be a lot in certain circumstances and we wouldn't shame the person who decides to do so)

While I've never been tempted to claim that free 1.1ETH, I'm still curious to see how long we'll end up lasting all - 32 - together.

All it takes is 1 person and yet here we are

Would you play this game?

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