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I sold my y00ts even tho I loved it💔

Here's why🧵


Wait but no one asked???!

That's true!

Keep reading if you wanna learn from my mistakes for free


if you'd rather waste thousands of $$$ in the future yourself then, sure, skip it.

So I love the art.

Although mine specifically didn't feel good to rock as a PFP as it looked somewhat bland.

And I'm still bullish on that move to Ethereum, it'd bring more liquidity to them. But the comms from the team give no clarity or info on when is that even gonna happen.

I got in a month before szn3 as I was hoping for the team to show that they can build.

I didn't expect anything crazy.

I just wanted them to show that they knew what they were doing and they could keep building.

Delivering another version of art for Degods wasn't the move.

Nothing has been delivered for y00ts.

While I love the move from Polygon to Ethereum, ultimately, it cost them $3M I think.

Again, not the best financial decision.

But my main issue was the lack of delivery.

Points Parlor seems like a disappointment from the outside.

I can get access to better raffles with projects that have entries of 0.02e.

Vibes have changed a lot as certain strong community members started leaving or stepping out of their positions.

The last point is - too much hype‼️

There was sooo much much on top of delayed and all for...nothing

At least they were aware and acknowledged it so that was a positive IMO.

Going forward hopefully, they'll do less hype and overdeliver but I have not trust in that.

Now if you are holding you are basically betting on them being aware that they shouldn't hype w/o anything, which I think they can do.

What I'm not sure they can do is deliver something meaningful that justifies the price of the assets.

At least right now they are at 33.3%.

We are in the bear market not the bull.

So, yes, the number just doesn't go up for the sake of going up.

Lesson learned to evaluate the team's decisions quicker as I would've been able to sell for a slight profit having done that instead of selling for 1E loss right now.

I still like the art and might buy back in later if they dip to really low levels (prob 0.2-0.3E but it's still a 15k supply w just art and y00ts are not even the #1 priority of the team)

or if the team changes the direction completely and starts building for long-term.

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