Quick thoughts on Luca & Pudgy Penguins🧵

Quick thoughts on Luca & Pudgy Penguins:

âś…Listened to different spaces with polarized perspectives.

âś…Checked out different communities with and without bags to see their perspectives.

âś…Read through a few different articles.

âś…Made my own opinion.

Money vs Values:

-Unless Walmart pulls off the deal, they are gonna be fine

-Bag bias is strong and people can't think critically

-Those who can, don't really care about Values and just playing the financial game

-Given the history within the space, it's clear people don't care about rugs and it doesn't affect the price long-term

-Luca obviously isn't clean

-The defense is 'common knowledge and basically as long as you are not hiding your grifts post-fact when someone calls you out then there's nothing wrong with it

-He's the face of Pudgy Penguins so promoting Pugies with PFPs and content is supporting him too

So if they are gonna be ok financially, what is the issue then?


Values > money.

Involvement & association with Pudgy Penguins:

Think of it as a reputation too and, honestly, this is the hardest part for me.

Because in terms of the NFTs themselves, I can just wait for more info and trade it like tokens with pictures.

But I know I don't wanna be associated with or support them.

I had so much info for really great Pudgy Penguins threads that I have yet to post cause I've been procrastinating but now they wouldn't see the light of day.

I got the pudgy literally above the floor and the one that I wanted to specifically create a great friendly presence, especially for normies who are going to be coming in in the next bull market and to share some educational content.

There's a lot more I could write but maybe another part later.

Make your own opinions even if that does not align with much of the space.

People having more power, followers, money, etc does not mean they are better or even just good people. And especially in this space, it seems to be the contrary.

Let me know if I'm wrong somewhere on the Values & Involvement parts and I'd like to argue about that.

But I'm pretty sure my opinions with others still align on the financial part.

Again, it's just to me,

Values > Money

Y'all talk about Authenticity in the space.

Barely anyone walks the talk tho.

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