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Why ENS digits clubs are not strong communities!

Sometimes I wonder how different the 999 & 10k club would have been if it was just like any other NFT collection.

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Community can be a strong point of an NFT collection.

Yet that's not the case with the ENS digit clubs.

There's the ENS community which is probably the biggest one due to the supply of the collection but that's different than ENS digit clubs.

It's def way easier to see that with the 999 due to supply.

1. There's no founder.

It has both benefits and disadvantages.

The easier way to view it as a DAO.

It is hard for a strong community to exist since there's no leader, no promises, no roadmap, nothing.

On the good site, it makes it unruggable.

Luckily, there's the ENS team and DAO that deliver things to the whole ENS, thus still delivering value to the 999 & 10k cause those happen to be ENS too.

2. Members are spread out.

Whatever communities exist. They are spread out across multiple socials: discord, twitter, wechat, etc.

So not only it's decentralized as a DAO it's also way too separated.

3. No alpha.

Any unique type of value ranging from any information to strong opportunities through relationships does not really exist.

When I joined in mid-May last year, discord was so empty compared to other places and it went nearly dead after that.

10kclub was a bit more active but nothing substantial, just noise.

Value can exist outside of financial alpha: connections, networking, relationships, experiences and so on.

4. Unique value proposition is non-existant.

it does not really matter whether you rock a 3, 4 digit. As long as you rock ENS, you are part of the ENS community and that's the best bang for your buck as 5char+ renewal is only $5/y.

Joining digits club is cool but nothing spectacular.


There are definitely exist reasons why 3 and 4 digit ENS are valuable and will potentially be even more valuable in the future.

However, do not fool yourself into thinking that there's any specific community value. Sure there was some occasional clout when digits had their pump but it still wasn't worth the investment if you were going to buy just for that.

But what about the ENS digit members who are still active, visit and host 10k and other spaces and so on?

Well it should tell you more about those individuals and how much time, energy and resources they put out.

In other words, it raises the bar of those people because of their actions, but that does not mean it raises the bar of the club, altho they can influence it a bit.

Personally, it shows me that those people are more respectable, committed, passionate and mean business when it comes to digits. It tells me about them, not the digits club.

I'm lucky to have found my core community before getting into NFTs and I hope others would be able to find the same within the space whether it's a specific NFT community or a group of friends within the space.

There are great people to connect and be friends!

And I'm asking you to evaluate and maybe even raise your standards for communities you are a part of cause from my experience most communities are shallow, again except for some people there who try to carry them.

And, well, it makes me think that maybe I should write another post outlining what makes a good community good and why the majority of communities just happen to have types of people in quantities that are not a recipe for great communities.

What makes a community good in your opinion?

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