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Would You Sell Your Birthday?

A quick dive into how algorithms shape our behaviors on social media in this new - digital era.

I was wondering the other day:

Where is the line on how much people are willing to share about themselves online?

And then, how much of themselves are they willing to monetize?

And I was talking a few friends about birthdays: how celebrations differ culture and then on a personal level. They shared with me about a person that use their birthday for favors and who monetizes it through social media to host some events.

As I keep browsing social media, from both: my anon crypto account and a real life one, I'm just noticing how much people are engaging in similar behaviours. And while those are not inherently wrong, it gets me curious to think about myself and how far I would go.

This imaginary test is a pretty good quick solution: would I do it if I get no engagement?

Heck no!

Plus, I'm here for the long-term. I'm not here to be driven solely by the algorithm. To me, part of Web3 is about authenticity and being reward for your genuine actions, assuming you are a good contributor.

Social Media nowadays

I feel like this topic has so much more to offer and I would eventually be back to it after new experiences.

For now, I'm leaving you and myself with these questions:

How much is too much sharing?

But more importantly, how much is too much of monetizing oneself?

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