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Zoom Out

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My last 10 months I have spent degening in this crypto NFT world. I’ve been in crypto prior to that but only have gotten into NFTs back in April of 2022 when I minted my lion. To this day, the space happens to be quick and exciting. And while I am able to have a life outside of it and, for example, go for at least a few walks daily and keep up with my hobbies and activities, it seems like it is a time for me to slow down, pause and zoom out.

See, the time flies here. Thousands of projects and tokens! So much is happening. Multiple wealth changing opportunities here and there, if you don’t miss them like I do. But at the end of the day, time is the most precious thing. However, it’s not just the quantity, it’s the quality of it for me too. That’s why I’ve outlined these 3 needs to help me figure things out further:

  • Financial

Relatively self-explanatory. I need money that cover my other needs such as food, rent, etc.

  • Fulfillment

Working on something that isn’t shallow and empty but rich and has some bigger purpose.

  • Contribution (need of contributing)

Doing something that is helpful to others.

After having these 3 needs, I’m stepping out from some of the activities, by taking a break, to zoom out and create a mental map of my week(s) so to say. It’s all about noticing on how it feels not to do the things I’ve been doing to help filter out the aspects of those activities.

Was that contribution really needed? is that needed now?

What about maybe that creative thing that one is assuming to be fulfilling? what if it’s actually draining?

We need to make money but is there a more efficient way?

Really important to take a note of things that might have been covering a few or maybe 3 of those needs. We can call it a mini Ikigai. Here’s the real Ikigai diagram below to give you a visual

Is this Japanese concept the secret to a long, happy, meaningful life? |  World Economic Forum

So this Noticing is the current step of the process I’m currently on while being aware of the aspects that I’ve covered above. Sometimes life is not clear cut and so are the things that we spend out time on. And while it would be cool to have all the puzzles miracly put themselves into a piece to from this Ikigai, it is not the reality for me and it is not the only way.

Sometimes it’s about noticing and finding not the right thing but a number of things that together make it right.

And it’s also not just those things but about the right balance for oneself. Maybe more about that in the next newsletter but for now I’m noticing and experimenting!

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