Welcome to the Creator Driven Community!

What are we doing here?

  • We’re building a foundation of Web3 understanding one Learning Lego at a time.
    • Each week you’ll get a brick sized piece of basic knowledge to bring newcomers up to speed. And, if you can’t wait for the next issue, you can…
      • Take a look at my Web 3 Basics playlist on YouTube.
      • Listen to the audio versions of each video on my Podcast.
  • We’ll take a look at Web3 tools and projects from the viewpoint of a Content Entrepreneur.
    • What value does each tool add?
    • How can you use them in your own business?
    • You can see some of the projects I’m already tracking here.
  • We’ll explore Web3 strategies.
    • How might specific pieces of Web3 tech fit into the puzzle of your Content Business?
    • Should you launch a Creator Coin or give NFTs a try?
    • How can you build an Audience in Web3?
    • What about building a Community?
  • We’re gonna build togetherin public.
    • We’ll experiment with the tools ourselves.
    • Then we’ll share what we’ve learned.
  • We’re going to try to do it without sponsors and ads!
    • You may love ads and sponsorships. And that’s ok!
    • But, would you rather worry about the needs of your Community or the needs of a sponsor?
    • We think you can build a strong Content Business without relying on advertisers.
    • And we think that, when you do choose to use ads, they should benefit your community, not extract value from it.

I hope you’ll join us!

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