Alpha - Week Ending August 6, 2022


Welcome to the Alpha!

This is where I gather up all the things that were on my radar during the past week. If I feel they’re worth passing on, they end up here with a few thoughts of my own.

Frictionless NFT Credit Card Sales -

I attended a demo that was co-hosted by ThirdWeb and they were able to build a very basic NFT project, launch it and make it payable by credit card in about 20mins. This is a big unlock for creators.

  • Customer can bring their own wallet or a wallet is created for them as a part of checkout
  • Wallet seed phrase is securely held by until the owner decides to claim it
  • Paper provides an NFT friendly interface for users who don’t have their own wallet
  • Can pay with credit card or crypto
  • Paper takes 1% fee on top of credit card processing cost - No charge for Crypto payments (except gas, which goes to the network, not Paper)
  • Users can pay with CC or ETH and you’ll be paid in whatever currency your contract requires.

Dashboard for Your On-Chain Community -

  • On chain alternative to “link in Bio” solutions except for projects
  • Requires an ENS Domain
  • Add the official links and contract addresses to your projects profile and mint it onto the chain
  • Atomize creates a visual dashboard that tracks the on-chain activities of your project
  • Share your Atomize link “” and followers can have faith that the info in the profile is verifiably linked to the project.
  • Can only be changed if but the

A thread by Greg Isenberg on Community Designers

  • What is a Community Designer (CD)?
  • Why does my company need a Community Designer?
  • What is the difference between a Community Manager and a Community Designer?
  • What does success look like for a Community Designer?
  • What is community/market fit?
  • The new 2022 marketing playbook

Sufficient Decentralization: A Playbook \n for web3 Builders and Lawyers

By Marc Boiron, Chief Legal Officer at dYdX Trading

24 pages focused on what DAO’s (and other large organizations) that are issuing tokens can do to prevent being labeled an unregistered security. The short answer is “avoid centralization.”

But if you’re a creator, centralization is impossible to avoid. What’s a creator with a coin or NFTs to do?

Regulators will apply the “Howey Test” to your tokens (remember, “It’s all Tokens”). And they’ll want to know if you can answer “No” to any of the following questions?

  • Does your token involve an investment of money?
  • Will many people buy it?
  • Does it create an expectation of profit?
  • Is the value of the token something that the buyers do not control?

The best hope you have, as a small creator, to avoid failing this test, lies in the answer to the third question.

Make your tokens about utility, not speculation.


New On The Radar


Google Analytics for Web3

Web3+Cookies = Cookie3… Get it?

Alright, it’s not that clever, but their products are.

  • AI powered engagement analytics = smarter allowlist selection and air drop qualifications
  • Individual wallet analytics = major unlock for marketers to target specific customer profiles without necessarily violating privacy = the return of targeted ads
  • Wallet based personalization


Block-chain based fan loyalty, engagement, and rewards management platform

Already forging major partnerships with teams and leagues in:

  • MLSoccer
  • Multiple International Futbol Clubs
  • E-sports
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Motorsports
  • the NBA
  • the NFL
  • the NHL

You and I are probably too small to even be considered as a client by Socios. BUT… There’s no reason we can’t learn from their play book.

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