Alpha - Week Ending July 23, 2022


Welcome to the Alpha!

This is where I gather up all the things that were on my radar during the past week. If I feel they’re worth passing on, they end up here with a few thoughts of my own.

Programmable Cashflows - Superfluid

  • Send tokens from one wallet to another via a continuous flow over time
  • Create an “Agreement” for payment and the money will stream from one account to another each fraction of time you designate. Send 1 ETH over the course of the year… One second/minute/day at a time and it’s all handled by a single transaction. Save’s a TON of gas for subscription payments.
  • Also works for reward distributions. Can send regular rewards to multiple accounts with a single transaction
  • Balances update in real time without transactions
  • Terminate a stream at any time
  • Or whenever the balance of the payor account goes to zero
  • Have to send ERC-20 payment tokens into a smart contract to be wrapped for use
  • Will run on any EVM (Ethereum based) blockchain - Still in Alpha release

Surfaced by LocalTourist

Web3 YouTube comes to Lens? - Lenstube

  • Lens App optimized for video
  • Shorter videos stored on IPFS
  • Longer videos stored on Livepeer
  • Free to post
  • I’ll be definitely be taking a closer look
  • Not the first Web3 enabled video sharing site… but it’s the first to be connected to a social network.

Surfaced by LocalTourist

Building a Better Internet featuring Li Jin on Tokens, But How

I’m pretty sure Li Jin coined the phrase “Passion Economy”. Li was a partner at the VC firm Andreesson Horowitz, and is now the founder of her own firm Atelier Ventures. In both roles she was/is focused on investing in Web3 and other Crypto projects. She’s putting her money behind startups that she thinks stand a great chance to support creators in Web3. So I try to pay attention to anything she puts out.

I recommend listening to the entire episode. But I wasn’t compelled to jot down some time stamps until I was about half way through. The times are rough… My dog and I were out getting some exercise.

  • 38min - They begin a discussion about Web3 business models
  • 45min - We won’t be able to rely solely on tokens. Most creators will need to layer new, Web3 business models on top of traditional ones.
  • 48min - The challenge of owning your audience data outside of the context of where it was acquired.
  • 57min - Li’s recommended reads.

Minecraft Bans NFTs -

  • Minecraft is bound to reverse this decision… eventually.
  • Any least one Minecraft-X-NFT project, NFT Worlds, was effected by this decision
  • NFTs can protect you from platform risk, but not if you build them on someone else’s owned platform.

Web3 Chat with WalletConnect

WalletConnect is a tool that helps you connect any of the growing number of crypto wallet manager apps to a Web3 enabled site. Now they’re bring wallet to wallet chat functionality.

  • Messages can be exchanged between any two wallets on any chain or device.
  • Chat is an Opt-in feature
  • All Messages are encrypted
  • You can send money and messages together
  • Does not use your actual wallet keys

Wallet messaging is one of the major unlocks to making Wallets the future of identity on the web. WalletConnect scored a big win with this.

Mirror launches a paid subscription feature -

If you read last week’s issue you know that Mirror is one of the few Web3 based blogging platforms. This feature moves them into the newsletter space. I’ve subscribed to their blog, so I’ll let you know how it works as soon as they make another post.

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