Alpha - Week Ending June 10, 2022


Welcome to the Alpha!

This is where I gather up all the things that were on my radar during the past week. If I feel they’re worth passing on, they end up here with a few thoughts of my own.


The Most Obvious Content Strategy That No One Uses: Curriculum Development

  • Excellent article on developing a broader content strategy for those of us who publish a lot of “How To” content.
  • Surfaced by: Anne Handley

David Spinks Twitter thread on Building Great Communities

  • Thanks to LocalTourist for sharing this.


Tokens, But How? Betting on Consumer Tech’s Tokenized Future ft. Gaby Goldberg

  • A discussion about how community ownership through tokenizationd can keep the incentives of the product and its users aligned.
  • Gaby also has a Web3 Reading List


Go to the Rinkeby Faucet and get some testnet ETH. Once my “ThumbsUpOnly” project goes live, you’ll be able to get some experience interacting directly with an NFT contract with fake ETH.

Creator Tools

Nifty Genrator -

  • Tool for generating Random NFT Image collections

  • Limited to 999 files unless you own a Mycoverse NFT

  • A preview of the NFT collection I’m building as part of NFT14 on testnet…

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