Alpha - Week ending June 4, 2022


Welcome to the Alpha!

This is where I gather up all the things that were on my radar during the past week. If I feel they’re worth passing on, they end up here with a few thoughts of my own.

Next week’s Alpha goes live tomorrow. And I update it as the week goes on. Check back as often as you like.


Web3 Design Principles. A framework of UX rules for Blockchain… | by beltran

  • From 2018 - 4 years later and we’re still waiting for better UX

Song Camp - Camp Chaos

  • Innovative Music creator project
  • Definitely deserves a spotlight/analysis


Alchemy - Road to Web3

Creator Tools

Tellie -

  • “Tellie gives independent creators the tools to express yourselves, build relationships, and make a living from your creativity.”
  • Invite only
  • Token gated websites
  • Great overview of what it takes to launch an NFT project


Filebase -

  • Can be used to store data on IPFS and other distributed storage systems
  • Free tier available

Remix -

  • Tool to write, compile and deploy Smart Contracts
  • Free from Ethereum Foundation

Open Zeppelin - Contracts Wizard

  • Very cool interactive ERC contract generator from OpenZeppelin
  • Use it to build basic standard contracts - then edit in Remix

Rinkeby Testnet - Faucet

  • Distributes fake ETH to pay for gas when testing smart contracts on Ethereum’s Rinkeby test network
  • Max 0.1 ETH per day

Alchemy -

  • Blockchain development platform
  • Currently offering Road to Web3 10 week blockchain learning journey
  • Create a free account and use it to get 0.5 Renkeby ETH every 24 hrs

Total Annarchy - Issue 99

  • How Ann Handley grew her newsletter to 42,000+ in 99 Issues
  • A great back issue that resurfaced in the RISE discord this week.

Gaby’s Web3 Job Board

  • You may not be looking for a job, but job Boards are a great way to discover new projects.
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