My Week in Web3 - Ending June 10, 2022



  • I interviewed Santiago Uceda of the CryptoMonster Lab. We talked about his evolution as an artist, how he got into NFTs and the mindset required to build a project for the long term. We got rugged by Twitter, so the recording got cut off about 40 minutes in. But the answer to my final question boiled down to “Be patient”. - The recording is here.


  • After creating a set of images, I generated 987 unique images and their corresponding metedata files (metadata files keep track of the image IDs, all the traits included in each image and what they’re called).

My Projects

The Furniture Record

  • I threw the idea out on Instagram and got A LOT of feedback. The scope of the data that people wanted to associate with their furniture pieces is much larger than I thought
  • I pitched the idea on a woodworking podcast that I co-host. We’ll see what the response is there when the episode goes live.

Here’s some of that art…

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