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GCR's Angel Network

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Dear GCR Friends,

This is our GCR Angel Network Newsletter, in which we share periodic updates on the new initiatives we’re working on and the growth of our network.

Join our Discord and meet the other 50+ GCR portfolio founders- you will have access to a founder-only group where you can ask for advice with other founders, share your progress and more. Once you join the community, introduce yourself to Erlisa#5196 and we’ll add you directly to the group!

GCR Angel Network

Since the launch of the GCR Angel Network, we saw:

  • 45+ experienced and talented individuals signing up to be mentors
  • 4 Portfolio Companies having mentoring sessions
  • 13 members joining our Angel Pods to support our Portfolio Companies
  • 10 Portfolio Companies requesting help from Angel Pods
  • 50+ job openings shared on GCR’s Job Board
  • 10+ introductions made to our Web3 partners and top investor network

Click here for more details on the program.

Over 45+ Mentors Available for You

You can find our full list of existing mentors and sign up for some guidance here. Below are some of the mentors who signed up recently to help our portfolio companies!

GCR Founders’ Workshops

Last week, we had a workshop about ‘web3 community building + growth tactics’ with Jkey from Safary Club! You can find the Youtube link here for the recording of the presentation.

RSVP for the next workshop: James Robinson, Head of Design at Syndicate will present Best Practices of Web3 Design and how Product Design is at the core of Syndicate’s strategy. Join us for this workshop on August 10 at 1PM EST!

Stay tuned as we have other topics in the pipeline: our mentors will share tips and best practices to tackle some of the recurring problems that our Portfolio Companies are facing.

Use GCR’s Job Board to amplify your job openings

Please don’t hesitate to share with us your job openings! We can help you amplify them on our Job Board.

GCR’s support ecosystem

As we are solidifying GCR’s support ecosystem for our Portfolio Companies, we are happy to share with you that Utopia (one of our PortCo) is offering compliant crypto payroll product:

Utopia helps crypto startups + DAO's that have an American entity with complete end-to-end payroll workflows, while allowing you to pay out your employees + contractors in any ERC-20 token (ie $FWB, $AAVE), stablecoin, alongside traditional FIAT based capabilities.

A few ways that Utopia helps crypto startups with their payroll needs almost immediately:

  • End of Year 1099 and W-2 Tax Forms
  • Reporting & Filing
  • Free, hands off migration from existing payroll provider.
  • Gross to Net Calculations
  • Completely Non Custodial

Utopia’s customers include DAO's such as Friends with Benefits DAO, with more info here: https://www.notion.so/utopia-labs/Utopia-Compliance-the-modern-system-for-managing-payroll-compliantly-87ca3375041a4dc0a6cf1115e4eefa4d.

As always, please do not hesitate to share any feedback - whether by email or directly to your GCR contact. Look forward to speaking soon!

Kind regards,

The GCR Core Team

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