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Avatars of Nature (an NFT Collection)

Introducing hand-drawn, 'base layer' or 'origin' drawings...

[The following post written in 2022, now migrated here as collectible, 2024.]


Manifesting through the portal of Rarible, throughout 2022…. for 0.03 ETH (at that time around $50 each)... hand-drawn, digital 'base layer' concepts or ‘origin’ drawings.

(Nearly) everything is in the mind... so gaze through the squares into realms where they live (or are confined)....

'the kid' a 1/1 hand-drawn, digital quick-sketch


Each one is unique, drawn onto computer by hand. The artwork is CC0 in the public domain, but the NFTs are 'tickets' into the potential future of the designs/concepts; they serve as outlines - or stylish starters - for possible new collections, personal or AI-generated...

They are also, perhaps, fluid reminders to simplify our lives, and be more free, and reconciled, with our natures within, and with Nature without.

So 'Avatars of Nature' are an artistic experiment, and yes, they are also a slight criticism of existing (PFP) NFT projects, or a bid to re-claim style over mass generation.

I’ve been happy to draw/re-draw them. I won’t be adding any more after a certain point (probably 2022) so, although they’re a super-rare, limited collection, they are not 100% capped.

For we are all Nature’s avatars… LFG!.... Sky’s the limit… (or is it ?!?)

[see a full list of items below].


More About...

The series originates before the age of the NFT; from ideas for an animation project called ‘Seeing Squares’/’Fruition’, and a small concept art book called ‘A Book of Mind’, exploring: the mind and body relationship, our addictive tendencies, and/or the strange ideas people lend themselves. It’s been good to group them together here under a new roof, and add some new ones.

Meet more of the Avatars on Rarible...


Avatars of Nature are CC0 or “No Rights Reserved” a bit like the Nouns project, with an emphasis on community of collectors for the sake of collecting!

Owners can do anything they like with the items: animate them, empower them, modify and sell new versions, collaborate to make enhanced collections, make/sell AI manipulations, use them for art on creative projects, fund an animation project for them, etc….

They are simply 'base layer' designs for future concepts or collections.

They remain in (eternal?) limbo until anyone decides to mint one.


I was also testing out the Rarible’s free minting process (very easy) which now comes with a possible Community Marketplace feature too.


Stay tuned for a few more collections I have in the works…..


Best wishes, fellow avatars of nature!

List of the 1/1 (unique) NFTs
(some are happier than others!):

  • the kid

  • the maker

  • the perceiver

  • the VR user

  • the VR user (2)

  • the artist

  • the reader

  • the dreambearer

  • the creative

  • the not-ready kid

  • the self-conscious kid

  • the streamer

  • the prisoner of VR

  • the sun-reacher

  • the well-balanced

  • the socialite

  • the mobile 'user'

  • the mobile 'user' (2)

  • the sinking star

  • the interconnected

  • the spreader of seeds

  • the nature artiste

  • the pianist

  • the over-controller

  • the metaverse explorer

  • the lady on fire

  • the lady on fire (2)

  • the love hodler / keeper

  • the staying alive

  • the guitarist

  • the driver

  • the student learner

  • the dream dreamer

  • the grower

  • the fearful believer

  • the selfie-snapper

  • the photographer


View also the collection imported into Opensea.


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