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Lost in (a Greener) Time...

Be lost... in a collection of AI-powered image exploration

Have you ever felt the future is never depicted as being green enough? I've been using an AI tool to explore and remix words like 'matrix', 'tron', 'cyberpunk', 'retro' with greener, or more regenerative prompts eg. trees, plants, vegetables, greening...

The results : images-just-for-images-sake, at hi-res., minted via Zora (available on other marketplaces like Rarible) on the BASE blockchain (BASE ETH is required).

Low cost + fees at time of minting.

A word about this ZORA marketplace: for the first time: multiple file uploads, open editions, unlimited time .. plus rewards directly to creators / ai explorers !

best green wishes,
ade mc, 2024

btw, i enjoy some of the errors and mistakes that Ai produces... it often adds other layers of interest/accident.

Selected, unique, AI-generated images on BASE, exploring and remixing greener futures, ideas and spaces. With influence from 1980's, cyberpunk, fantasy movies, real cities, famous painters, the retro and the organic. Hi-res editions, using model BC8 Alpha-Nov-3...

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