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Regenerative VISIONS

AI-generated poster art 'outputs' - now as NFTs to regenerate the world

'the rewilders'

So I'm assembling a collection of prompted, diverse explorations (selected 'outputs') from an inner 'super-natural' psyche, which seems to be prompting or reaching out towards some new, great 'Age of Regeneration'...

Welcome to...

'Regenerative, Ai-Generated Poster Art Visions

(1/1's, for small MATIC, on Polygon, 2023+ using Ai tools like Midjourney or Dall-E).


For a preview of what you can own, check out the Pinterest boards...


Collectors: you might be like-minded folk with a love of art and nature's power to restore and regenerate, with also a love of fantasy art (light or dark), dreams and even some kind of belief in a regenerated or harmonious future…

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'the landscaper'


I’ve been minting art as NFT since c. 2021, riding the first crypto-art wave via MakersPlace gallery. I’m working on a ‘syntropic agroforest’ project in temperate s.w. france and some of this inspires the organic themes or elements (or just a love of being involved in a garden and regenerative agriculture or permaculture). If you collect an NFT, proceeds may well go towards new trees!

I went slightly crazy with AI generators in late 2023, and also made many outputs available as posters on zazzle via pinterest etc. However, here, I’m selecting some to preserve and for people to ‘own’, registered permanently. Some images were also generated out of my existing nature photography NFT collection ‘Organic Metaverse’.

A.I. tech is moving fast, but as with all things, it doesn’t necessarily mean they get better… I wanted to preserve some ‘super-nature’ in a few AI collections, some items of which have (individually) received a lot of views on Pinterest etc.

Subscribers/followers might recognise my themes emerging in these A.I. gen. explorations, which like any art moves the prompter towards - something - with every emerging image. Maybe some of these places are worthy of an NFT.


Best (green) wishes….



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