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'Being' in WEB3...

A personal guide to decent. web3 projects (feat. Invites)...

dawn of defi, nft @ ade's press, 2021

Every now and then I'll try and update on some of the projects I've been exploring.

The web3 space is moving fast and monetizing curious folk to 'ape' everywhere into all kinds of platforms, games etc... but 'remembering why we're all here' may also get us to move significantly out of web2 (trad. fi etc.) and into a more user-centric, (and maybe) more permanent online world...


I can't say if the following projects will stick around, but that is what they are still trying to promise, and we now get to adopt them now in 2024....

In fact, my migration from web2 is underway, and some of these are working as solutions.


Let's go...


  • YOUR website or links-page

    First, here is my decentralised Linktree : a site of projects past, present and future... Webhash is pretty easy to use, you get some free templates, can customise each link item individually plus your recent edits are then stored on IPFS or Arweave (for even more permanence). I haven't attached my ens address yet to the site, for obvious fee-costing reasons, but this would be a more decentralised option too. Just remember to renew your ENS etc. name.
    You can also use Unstoppable Domains.

  • Wallets

    For logging-in to web3 sites, without having to use Google or enter passwords all the time.

    There are more and more of these, but Metamask (and more recently Rabby Wallet, where you can earn Points) take the biscuit for being the most adopted, safest and probably the most recommended by Ethereum developers. For Rabby, use my Invite code ADEMC.

  • Secure Email

    Start using DMAIL - you can send and receive from your web2 email and web3 chains and addresses. Once you start using it and getting familiar with the IDs you'll see that this is a big step out of castle Google etc. I wouldn't have it as my primary address yet, but... soon.... The token is undervalued if you ask me since it's a solution for the whole crypto-space, and you can still earn airdrop points just be getting 'into' the whole decentralised mail solution.

  • Portfolio Viewer etc. of tokens etc.

    DeBank - if something doesn't seem to add up with your wallet activity you can use your wallet, or the Metamask portfolio manager, but there are better viewers out there. This site is at present the best defi and coin portfolio giving you insights on the contents of your wallet. I've tried a number of others, but this one picks up the most coins and chains in one go. It's also a social network allowing you to watch and even message other users/wallets, which is actually a pretty major feature. So you can personalise your own account if you wish and start getting followers who are interested in your projects and trades. The Groups feature allows you to create a following based on tokens and wallet badges. It's worth setting up notifications for your wallet etc using the more advanced features, accessible by minting an ID etc. There could be an airdrop in the works too.

  • Blogging and Publishing

    This - is a good Wordpress and Medium replacement for 'real' bloggers and writers. (Share this post or other peoples, and get rewarded!). But also it's not obsessed by tokenisation or crypto, it has great features for encouraging subscribers and hopefully won't get too complicated or introduce some multi-token reward system. You can token-gate specific posts. You can add Collect and Subscribe buttons wherever you like, supporting writers and posts directly. It backs up posts to Arweave and as NFT, and editing is possible, it just involves producing a replacement version.

  • Tweeting/posts

    WARPcast (Farcaster) - use it on the site or download the app. It's good to have a less lazy, more crypto-centric version of X/Twitter, where you can post more considered stuff and not cluttered with airdrop hunts and re-postings. Frames are powerful. Join up with this link and get 50 free WARPS which come in handy.

  • Creating a collection of Anything (as NFT)

    Creating NFTs - unless you're using a platform which now does it manually (such as, here on Paragraph etc.) you may want to create and organise - more personally - a collection of something yourself. I use Rarible mostly, because it's always been more community-centric, with its own token, chain etc. Just ensure you keep control of the wallet that creates and manages them. Your collections can be integrated on other platforms but this will work better when minted on a major network.

  • Decentralised storage and backup

    STORJ - a user-friendly website grants you your own storage folder where only you have the keys (more so than Google etc). Files are encrypted and backed up, scattered across the globe. And it runs quickly now. Pay in STORJ monthly for higher subscriptions.

  • Permanent, public storage

    ARDRIVE - for a more permanent storage system for some book you've written or artwork (nothing private), use this dapp to store decentralised, censorship-free and permanently.

  • Web3 Chat and groups

    Beoble - It's a Web3 chat app which seems to be working fast and with tons of features for chatrooms etc which could make it become the Telegram of web3. If you ever get popular or influential on there... it could pay. I have an invite code which might still work. Join up to our WEB3 Explorers.

  • Web3 Push Notifications

    Use your web3 wallet via this app (Web3 Inbox) to get secure notifications from projects etc.

  • Join a GUILD

    Support your favourite (or most useful) web3 project or network by joining their Guild, and moving up the ranks to contribute to their ecosystem and adoption. This will likely involve regular Discord participation and investment. It may take time to get access, if at all.

  • DePin (getting paid for sharing resources)

    'DePin' is here and it means getting rewarded for what you can contribute to networks and data. This could mean storage, GPU or internet bandwidth. Projects like Helium allow you to create an internet hotspot and share that, although you need to live in a town or city. If you don't have a super-powerful PC for sharing GPU (see projects like Ignition for that), you can share some bandwidth and get points via GRASS.

  • Metaverse

    More interesting for me than games that come and go, but difficult still to value and assess. For now I've purchased land in Over the Reality and Next Earth, just because I like the idea of an actual map like Google map, where people can trade. Tie this in with AR and it's quite an interesting 'alternative' Earth concept. On the more imaginary or creative front, Nifty Island is a more recent one to get into.

  • Galxe etc.

    This is one of the best sites to keep up with web3 projects, get involved, and do tasks towards promotion and testing for rewards and airdrops. Remember, money is transforming, so don't miss out (or get disheartened) on this great transition. Everyone can contribute to a new online world. Search GALXE, ZEALY, LAYER 3, INTRACT etc..

  • DeFi and Trading

    Once your money is transformed into the digital (via web3) you'll need a cheap network to use, probably an Ethereum Layer 2 or an alternative L1 like Solana (more risky). I think my favourite is still Polygon, and you can trade major crypto projects at QuickSwap DEX, which will show up in your DeBank portfolio. I try to avoid centralised exchanges, but you can see how people pick up new coins on these early stage, and then provide liquidity on DEXes like QuickSwap for earning its native token. To bridge between networks and EVMs, these are becoming more widespread and with lower gas fees, so it's getting easier to move between networks (all the more reason live Portfolio trackers like Debank are so vital).

  • Meme coins

    Everyone in crypto should own a meme coin, preferably a popular one on a native chain, just for fun. A good example is ROSY dog, the mascot of Oasis Network (token ROSE).

  • Gamefi and SocialFi

    Crypto is making people jump down all kinds of rabbit holes they may not even be interested in. Try and keep a level head and find games and social following related to major projects, or things you're interested in.
    There are some genuinely good games which now let your earn genuine rewards, and don't interrupt you with annoying ads. You can also use your token to help govern the future and direction of the game world. CARV is a protocol for exploring web3 games and earning in the process.

    BLOCKGAMES is currently taking over Twitter, allowing people to earn points for interaction.

    Go web3...!

    Also check out Arweave and AOcomputer where new users get Test tokens for trying out the tech. These could one day be converted into real AO tokens. You can earn CRED test tokens right now for learning about this just-launched development.


    Other Thoughts...

    I remember entering the space around 2019... looking for more robust platforms for creative work and apps, and getting disappointed by the lack of adoption and solid projects, even though there were solutions.

    There were names around back then (like Dmail, which I now use), but the technology just wasn't ready. There were some like Steemit which just got tiring and were just on the wrong chains. Then NFTs came along, an underlying, fascinating embalmer of content, but are still dependent on platforms (and chain adoption).

    Now, here I am writing on a new platform which makes every post into an NFT, stores to Arweave and allows a personal, direct following, instead of trying to be a great social platform or Facebook rival.


    A Note about A.I...

    This is one area which isn't ready to go, yet, which you may or may not be invested in. If you ask me, diverse chatbots will be vital, useful and powered by LLMs that are not centrally controlled, and which you can customise with your own data (stored decentralised) and powered by decentralised GPUs and presented by a web3 UI version of Chatbase etc... all running as trustworthy projects, on usable networks, and controlled and owned by users (not Amazon Alexa etc.)
    But, this doesn't yet exist...


    What other areas have I missed? For an individual user in a digital world, which projects really have value? I still think NFT books, Read-to-Earn campaigns, or Education, where badges and IDs are minted are motivating areas where people are now getting traction, rewards or validation for learning and entering/engaging with some of these projects.


    Staying safe...

    Just a final reminder that web3 depends on you being your bank. The keys are in your hands. This means you may want to use multiple accounts, one being the active one with less funds held.

    If someone hacks your computer they can take over your browser wallet while you're using your PC and wallet, so they don't need to know your keys, and you don't even know anything is amiss, until unseen transactions are made. Maybe you downloaded a dodgy demo game? Or your kids did, or a program of some kind? Scammers know what crypto-users want to see, and hide tempting offers inside lookalike accounts, job offers, sites and apps.

    If you use X/Twitter to find new projects, reading posts, always check it comes from the main account of the project you're reading.

    The space is still developing fast, but we're on the right tracks now, and for sharing content more under our control, in projects which are (getting) more immune from data breaches, takedowns and takeovers.


    Follow on (or via one of my links) to get more, sporadic, but personally-explored web3 project updates.

    If you're on Beoble already, there's also a new group to join called WEB3 Explorers. Share the projects you're using or node running.


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