A.I. Can't Keep up with A.I.

Hey friends,

Hope you are all doing great on this wonderful Friday. I'm just grateful to be healthy and have a wonderful family. I wish you all the same. That's ultimately what matters in life.

So what's A.I. been up to? It's been too much going on to keep up. This newsletter is about being actionable, so I will share things I've worked on and things I found interesting.

What I have done

Huge Timesaver

  • I put too many things on my website DataCareers.Tech, and is not optimized for converting people. I came across 10Web.Io, which promises to build you a website in less than 10 minutes. I had to try it, and decided to see what it can come up with for my DataCareers site. Let's see how it did.

    1. I open the site, and it wants me to describe what kind of site it is and what it is about.

    Describe the type of site
    Choose a Template
    Describe the site and let A.I. do the magic
  1. Results. I didn't know what to expect, but wow! Everything you will see next is A.I. generated based on my inputs. The text, the pictures, the slides, everything!

Verdict: I actually think I prefer this site as it is optimized for the online trainings I'm creating. I struggle with advertising myself as I don't like asking people for money, but if I'm going to run a business, making money is sort of the point :)

Other than the great layout, 10web.io optimizes my website for load time, SEO, among other cool features I'm excited to explore so I'll definitely be giving it a try.

Something Fun

  • As a Father, and person who grew up on cartoons, I'm excited for A.I. to help me create some. Check out this cool easy site where you can upload a drawing of yours, and make it dance alongside you!

Time Savers I'm looking to explore

6 A.I. Chrome Extensions that will save all of us a lot of time:

ChatGPT is old news - AutoGPT is the now!

AutoGPT can act as an autonous agent, and can do tasks like searching the internet for information and formulating a plan based on that. GodMode UI seems to be one of the tools for it

That's plenty of things for now!

Till next week friends!