A.I. in Action

By Antonio Ivanovski

Hello friends, welcome back for another edition of A.I. with A.I.

What have I been working on this week?

Using A.I. to build a full web application.

I've had an idea about an app, but don't want to go through the process of hiring developers. I will use ChatGPT as my sole developer!

I have a problem (receiving too many emails) and I want to create a service where you can plug in your email, and it will automatically unsubscribe you from emails you don't open.

I will just share the link and you can check out the work here!


  • The Good

    • A.I. can absolutely replace hiring a developer as long as you have some background in coding and know how to read it and implement it

      • I don't know how to code efficiently to build an app, but I can read the code and I know where to place it to make it work. And when I don't know what to do? Well I just ask ChatGPT for an answer.

    • A.I. knows the full process, even told me step by step how to setup a Google Clould Platform account and sign up to their API service.

    • If it makes a mistake, and it will, it can correct itself if you ask it.

  • The Pains

    • It will make mistakes and you have to be patient like you would be with a real developer.

    • Sometimes it forgets what it worked on previously and gives you conflicting code. To mitigate that, I would copy and paste the exact code saying "this is what we did so far, what do we need to do next to accomplish x,y,z"

What's next?

I will continue adding features and try to push this service into production for anyone else who wants to use it!

Until then, stay well my friends, and reach out if you have any feedback!