Are you a ChatGPT skeptic? I was too

By Antonio Ivanovski

Hello friends!!! If you’ve spent any time online lately, you’ll get mixed sentiment of whether AI tools such as ChatGPT work or not. I was a skeptic too… Look at this post from 3 months ago:

I have to admit I was wrong. Not about taking over people’s jobs, I still think it won’t do that. I was wrong about my tone and the way I brushed it off as a fad.

Now that I have spent a lot more time with it, I realized I was wrong because I was using it the wrong way. In the same way, the people I see online who say ChatGPT doesn’t work, are 99% of the time using it the wrong way as well.

I spent money on courses and lots of time experimenting with these, but you will get all of this for free!

By the end of this email, you will know what to avoid when asking for prompts and how to write better ones.

Now, let’s go!!!

3 mistakes people make when using AI Writing Tools and how to correct them

Mistake #1: Asking it to generate ideas with minimal constraints

Generic questions give you generic answers

Better way: Get specific. ChatGPT is your new A.I. intern. The more specific you get, the better answer it will provide. Just by getting a bit more specific, it already generated better ideas.

Mistake #2: Asking it to make subjective decisions (about style, prefrence, etc.)

Better way: Treat it like a new relationship. The more you open up, the better it will be able to satisfy your needs.

Mistake #3: Ask it to answer open ended questions

Again, a generic and open ended question.

Better way: Ask close ended questions

2 things to remember:

  1. Generative AI is more of a creative outlet than a truth oracle. Everything should be fact checked before being treated is truth.

  2. If asking it to write stories, always check for plagiarism

Take some time this weekend and play around with the tools! The more you use it, the better you will get at it.

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See you next Friday!!!