Bringing Value

Hello friends,

As I have talked about in previous newsletters, my number top goals with my online content creation is to connect with cool people (like you all) and bring at least some value to every single one.

The way to figure out where you can provide value is simple:

1) Think about what comes easy to you but others seem to struggle with and talk about that

2) I learned this from Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole's and copying it word for word:

"The easiest place to start is by doing “The 2-Year Test,” reflecting on the past 2+ years and asking yourself:

  • “What skills have I built?”

  • “What struggles have I faced?”

  • “What hobbies have I picked up?”

  • “What problems have I overcome?”

  • “What life transitions have I made?”

  • “What stories have I experienced?”

  • “What topics have I learned about?”

Answer one of these questions and you will find where you can provide value.

And remember, you don't have to know everything about a topic, you just have to know more than your audience.

What are my answers?

When I was getting out of college, I had no idea how to make a resume, prepare for interviews, choose a job, network properly, know which skills to learn, etc.

Today, I can talk about these things for hours without preparation.

I want to share all those lessons with all of you.

And I have officially launched my new site, DataCareers.Tech

You can find all the knowledge I have in one place.

What about A.I.?

A.I. is just a tool to create and build things. I don't want to use A.I. just for the sake of it. With that being said, I did find a use for it. I was coding my website and wanted to embed some code, and A.I. delivered as always!

Simple but it saved me time! Remember, doesn't have to be complicated.

That is all we have for today. If you want to support me, sharing my new site on your LinkedIn will be tremendous help.

See you all next week!