Focus on Bringing Value

The YT Short below is the theme of this week’s newsletter:

Good Things Start Happening to YOU When You Provide Value for THEM #Shorts

The question I ask myself is “How do I change the world?”

As Gary says, the answer is by providing value for others!

With that, I decided to test something this week. As you know, I have been posting about Web3 a ton! As you also know, it hasn’t been getting a ton of traction. I have noticed it takes me a lot longer to write a good quality web3 post.

In the same time, I ran into a post by Justin Welsh, who says “pick a topic you could talk about for 30 minutes unprepared” when writing about how to choose what to talk about. For me, that is talking about how to get a job, be successful at one, and be fulfilled by it.

I decided to give this a try.

The 7 days before posting about data, I generated ~4000 impressions, the last 7 days where I have been posting relating it to data, I got >38,000 impressions. (I was trying to embed a picture to show you the day by day, but I can't figure out how to embed a picture on here).

What does this mean for me going forward?

Am I going to give up on web3 and other topics I’m passionate about? Heck no. I’m not a donkey (read my favorite short story here:

However, I’m exploring a concept from Cal Newport’s book “So Good They Can’t Ignore You.” (view summary here: In his research, Cal Newport found out that people who loved what they do, didn’t necessarily follow their passion, but rather did what they are good and ended up turning it into a passion.

I will continue learning about Web3, but look to combine it more with helping people with, as I mentioned above, how to get a job, be successful at one, and be fulfilled by it.

With all the layoffs that are happening, I will 1) help people feel safe at work, and 2) feel confident they can get another job if layoffs do affect them. After all, you have to secure yourself first before you can focus on changing the world.

Since this is a newsletter about action, I immediately had to take it. I signed up for Calendly ( and have offers to work with people if they want it.

I also will continue building upon my old videos of how to get a job:

My strategy is that my content will forever be free, but I will charge for 1 on 1 training.

Current Numbers (delta from last week) - 2023/01/20

YT Subscribers - 6663 (+5)

LI Followers - 6625 (+86)

Podcast Episode Plays (Spotify + Apple Podcasts) - 227 (+13)

Newsletter Subscribers - 94 (new number). I had an old email list which I imported into here, so from now on we will track how the numbers are going up. Or down (hopefully not down).

Episodes released - 7 and 1 more ready to be released this month


Focus on bringing value to others and you will reap the benefits.