Generating Unlimited Quality Ideas with ChatGPT

By Antonio Ivanovski

Generative A.I. will transform people's roles from "doers" to "thinkers"

You will not be the builder, but the architect.

This week, I will show you how I do the thinking about a topic, in this case Being a Data Analyst, and let A.I. do the doing (the writing).

On Tuesday I “wrote” on LinkedIn about “The 5 Essential Skills You Need to Become a Data Analyst”.

I then posted a poll asking people if they got any value out of the post. Here are the results:

I asked them this question because I didn’t write the post, ChatGPT did. And I wanted to explore if A.I. generated posts can bring value to people.

I feel like a lot of people wouldn’t take it as seriously if they knew in advanced it was A.I. generated, but that shouldn’t matter.

After all, it is still my thought! We need to switch our mindset from who did the writing, to who did the thinking.

Now, that you know that, I created a step by step of the framework I used to generate 100s of these posts in a relatively short amount of time.

Before we go further, we need to define the framework we will use:

TIP (Topic, Incentives, Proven approaches)

Topic: What you want to talk about

Incentive: What you want to help your audience with

Proven Approaches: Give it some prompts to send it in the right direction

This took me ~15 minutes. With practice I can get it down even further. Best part is, I believe in this advice 100%, it's not just a fluff post.

I then went on and repeated with the other proven approaches to generate 20+ posts.

What are other type of incentives you can choose?

I used:

To Get Your First {outcome}

To Become {outcome}

Other ideas:

To Learn

To Master

To Overcome

To Hire Your First

To Save

To Make Your First $ as

You get the idea!

Now, go and put it into action! Reading without action is worthless!

Till next week!

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