It's Okay to Relax

By Antonio Ivanovski

Hello friends,

It's been one of those weeks. Which kind of week is that? One of those weeks where I didn't do any work on my passion projects.

Luckily, I couldn't be happier. I have been fully immersed spending time with my family. And when I've had free time at night, I have been DJ'ing, working out, and watching Friends with my wife!

Taking creative breaks (even though it was unplanned) really helps me to see what matters. When we are deep in a project, we can get caught up in it and forget to reflect on our values and what matters to us.

What did I realize during this break?

  • My #1 metric for my newsletter, my site, and anything else I do is: Is this taking time away more time from my wife and son?

    • Example: If I do consulting as part of datacareers, I will have to be on someone else's schedule and be away from them. Solution: Create evergreen content that will be relavant for years and doesn't need me to be on a set schedule.

  • I enjoy helping others get the career and job they deserve because you are all so qualified and for those who have trouble getting a job, it's usually more that they need a confidence boost than a skills boost.

  • I see a gap for a course that should exist, and I will work on creating it. A lot of courses exist on Excel, SQL, R, Tablaeu, etc. but they none that I could find that help you put it all together in a big project. Message me on LinkedIn if you would be interested.

I'm here to bring value to all of you and I'm pumped to continue working on my projects!

See you all next week!