Nothing is easy, so do what you love

Welcome to the second week on our journey to change the world. To change the world takes time, we need to know how much time we can allocate, and be realistic about it. Set unrealistic expectations, and you'll burnout. Aim too low, and you aren't reaching your maximum potential.

1 Lesson from my journey from this week

You’ve all heard the term passive income and earning money while “you sleep”. I thought it meant doing very little work but making lots of money from it, but I learned there is no easy work if you want great results.

When I started the podcast, I thought it would be easy. Just record 1 episode which takes 1 hour, take 15 minutes to publish it, and you are done for the week. But if you want to bring quality, there is so much more to it. What do I do on a weekly basis?

Look for guests

Interact with them to come on the show

Do research about topics to discuss

Record the episode

Edit the episode. (I have an editor now who is helping me but I still interact with him)

Publish the episode

Rewatch it to find content for YT shorts and lessons learned.

Market on LinkedIn to get viewers (including write my own posts, commenting on other people’s posts, liking others’ content, etc.)

Shout out guests.

All this on top of my full time job, being a full time husband and father, and keeping social relationships with friends.

I do all this only to receive 50 views.

There’s no such thing as easy income as you are always sacrificing either time or money or health, so choose wisely what you choose to pursue!

I truly enjoy it, so despite all the challenges, I’m sticking around. I enjoy meeting and learning from new people, thinking about creative ways to reach my audience with my ideas, learning how to make short video content, and more!

1 New Podcast Episode this week - The Builders of Web3

Listen to today’s new episode with the one, the only James Turner! Had a lot of fun listening to James’ experience as a founder and community builder, such as the time he scaled from 2 projects to 30 in a few months and had to hire 100 employees! Or the time he spent $8,400 on an online course !!

This is one of my favorite episodes I have recorded so far as James is so passionate about the work he does!

Full episode:



Apple Podcasts:

Current Numbers (delta from last week) - 2023/01/12

YT Subscribers - 658 (+1)

LI Followers - 6,539 (+55)

Podcast Episode Plays (Spotify + Apple Podcasts) - 214 (+20)

Episodes released - 6 and 2 more ready to be released this month

My content creation for this week

I don’t post everyday because I don’t have the time, and I don’t like posting just for the heck of posting. If you are looking to optimize follower growth, posting 4-5x a week is important, but I’m not ready for that yet. Again, know yourself!

  • Posted last Thursday when the podcast was released and Friday when the newsletter was released.

  • Joined 1 group on Telegram where we support each other’s content.

    • Pros: Met great people who are looking to create, are very passionate about it,

    • Cons: A lot of people are in the group, and it is very time consuming to go through everyone’s content everyday.

  • Posted 2 YT Shorts (short clips cut from the podcast episode), which have gotten less <10 views combined. I’m not sure yet how to get people to watch my YT shorts.