The Tech that is Changing the World

By Antonio Ivanovski

I started this newsletter with the hope of inspiring at least 1 of you to take a more active role in creating the future you want for yourself and your family. TLDR: Create more than you consume.

One of the big challenges with creating quality content is that it is time consuming. Most of us who are new to this have family obligations, full time jobs, and have 0 employees helping us out. On top of that, we are not making money off this so every time we pay someone to do something for us (as I pay my podcast audio editor) we are spending money and it adds up.

That is why I couldn’t be more excited about the power of AI tools (such as ChatGPT, MidJourney, name any other model that is out there..)!

These tools, if used properly, will make you 100x more productive (not exaggerating) while costing you very little money (if at all) compared to hiring employees.

I truly believe the technology is changing the world, changing the way we live and work, and those who start now will be wayyy ahead of everyone else!

I believe this technology is so life changing that my newsletter will be focusing on that going forward. I’ll be providing you 1 Actionable use case how you can use these AI tools. I want to give you all the information, and you decide where you can and want to use it.

How did I use it this week

I have a student who I’m training to be a data analyst. I needed to come up with practice questions based on what we’ve been learning, so I decided to see if I can speed up the process using A.I.

I’m not sure how to share this with you on here yet, so I posted a step by step on Linkedin. I’ll figure out a better way by next week.

Antonio Ivanovski (A.I.) on LinkedIn: ChatGPT Use Case 1: Generating Datasets + Q&A

Current Numbers (delta from 2 weeks ago as I forgot to do it last week) - 2023/02/13

YT Subscribers - 689 (+21) - Not bad at all! This is from talking about it on LinkedIn!

LI Followers - 8030 (+1285) - WOW! This was mainly driven from being tagged by Neil’s post about people to follow in the data space (Host of AI Stories, awesome podcast). The power of your friends supporting you is key!

I’m not going to be doing my podcast anymore as I need to focus down on 1 topic as I’m spreading myself too thin. While I have a lot of interests, I will still be working with data and web3 but with a main focus on how to use Generative A.I. to enhance those fields.